Applications overview


Automotive overview
On-road testing Brake Test, Pass by Noise, Vehicle Dynamics, ADAS and Drive Machine Monitoring, Lighting, Equipment
Durability testing Road Load Data, Stress-Strain Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, DSA possibilities
Power train and E-Mobility Combustion Analysis, Rotation and Vibration, E-Mobility, Power Measurement possibilities
Extreme environment testing Environmental Testing, Component and Material Performance Assessments
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Power & Energy

Power Analyzer overview
Power Analysis Motor, Inverter, Transformer, Standby-Power, Lighting, Equipment
E-Mobility Electric Vehicle, Electric Motorcycle, Hybrid Testing, Hydrogen Testing,
Battery Testing,
Charging Analysis
Power Quality Analysis Smart Grid & Energy Management,
Power Quality Analysis,
Renewable Energy Testing
Power System Testing Railway Testing,
Aircraft Testing,
Marine Testing
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DEWESoft Power Brochure 2016 - English
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Dynamic Signal Analysis

Dynamic Signal Analysis overview
Noise & Vibration Recorder, FFT Analyser, Global Level, Octave Band Analysis
Rotating Machinery Order Tracking, Torsional Vibration, Balancing, Multi-Domain, Cepstrum, Auto & Cross Correlation, Bearing Fault
Structural Analysis Modal Analysis, Impact Test, Function Generator, Large Structures, Shock & Drop Tests, Short-Time FFT, Bump Test, Human Body Vibrations, Fine Element Analysis
Acoustic Analysis Sound Level,
Sound Power,
Pass by Noise
DEWESoft X2 SP6 installer
DEWESoft DSA Brochure 2015

General Test & Measurement

Coming soon.

Aerospace & Defence

Flight testing, Engine and component testing, Wind tunnel testing, PCM telemetry, Chapter 10, Performance testing

Civil Engineering

Data recording, Dynamic Signal Analysis, Distributed data acquisition, Bridge monitoring

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