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General Test & Measurement

Dewesoft is taking a major role in general test & measurement, data acquisition and processing applications. These solutions do not apply only to general test & measurement, but can be needed, and thus applied, in virtually any test and measurement field.

With our award winning Dewesoft software, we provide powerful, yet easy-to-use base for all kinds of tests and measurement applications. From powerful data recording and replay, to more complex solutions like order tracking, modal analysis and so on ... We provide all the needed hardware and software tools, which offer unique advantage over our competition - it works out of the box. No complex setups, and learning of multiple SW packages.

Dewesoft provides total solution and we are very comfortable saying that we are the best!


When you think of Automotive testing, think of Dewesoft!

Dewesoft is taking a major role in all kinds of data acquisition applications in automotive industry, especially in development laboratories and test facilities, where the ability to acquire data from all different sources create major advantage.

We are not only talking about standard interfaces like analog, digital, counters, CAN, GPS and video channels, but we have made our effort to support special devices like Gyro platform from Genesys or torque wheels from Kistler, where both sources are perfectly synchronized with other sources.

Whether you need powerful data recording, dynamic signal analysis, power analysis or the need for distributed data acquisition or transient recording, Dewesoft is able to offer progressive instruments, that can fulfill most demanding tasks.

Dewesoft's instruments offer the best solutions in testing cars, buses and motorcycles. Buying Dewesoft's instrument is a long lasting investment that won't let you down.

Aerospace & Defense

When you think of making tests in Aerospace and Defense area, think of Dewesoft!

In Aerospace and Defense, Dewesoft provides solutions that are used for several testing applications.

Engine and component testing, flight testing, wind tunnel testing, performance testing, structural testing, explosion and ammunition testing, PCM telemetry and more. You can find our solutions in all of these areas, often arranged in a distributed network and remote control topology due to the sheer number of channels that are usually required.

Our mission is to synchronize the data from all of them. We are able to synchronize the data via IRIG, or even by GPS using our proprietary GPS-CLOCK for precise global time sync of any number of data acquisition systems.


When you think of Transportation testing, think of Dewesoft!

Public transport demands safety, and safety demands several test and measurements, to really ensure safety and passenger comfort.

With Dewesoft instruments it is easy to eliminate every single endanger of the safety of passengers. The trains for example require many measurements during development phase. Initial tests when they come in operation and repetitive tests for assuring the quality of the tracks.

From New York subway to crash testing of high-speed trains in Europe we provide solutions in this area.

Power & Energy

When you think of making tests in Power and energy, think of Dewesoft!

We can assure you that Dewesoft is a perfect tool to capture and stream raw data as well as calculate power parameters during acquisition. Single Dewesoft's instrument can calculate several power modules with different voltage levels or even different line frequency, and therefore it can also calculate efficiency of equipment.

Whether you need to monitor your power network through-out the continent or make power test on your electrical equipment, Dewesoft provides the right tools for the job.


When you think of making tests in Industry, think of Dewesoft!

We all know that the range of industrial applications is very wide and therefore is wide also entire measurement field where Dewesoft's instruments are used. With the use of all possible inputs, extensive math, trigger functions and DCOM capabilities, our instruments can be used in many different ways, for example on every phase of development testing, in production testing, structural testing, balancing, torsional and rotational vibration, power analysis, high-speed data capture and so on...

Industrial area is wide, but so is the reach of our instruments!

Civil Engineering

When you think of making tests in Civil Engineering, think of Dewesoft!

We can record high and low speed data at the same time! Is this essentially? Of course it is because it's our main strength, compared with other systems on the market.

Data recording in civil engineering often requires that the system is left in place for several days or weeks, collecting data and sending it to the base station. System monitor's structures, noise, vibration, movement, temperatures and other parameters. That's why durability of instruments is crucial.

Dewesoft's instruments can be used in many different areas, such as Data recording, Dynamic signal analysis, Structural monitoring, Structural testing, FRF analysis and so on...

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