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DEWESoft X2 (stable - release version) - only for Dewesoft instruments
DEWESoft X2 SP1 Installer
DEWESoft X2 SP1 (build 18) installer
New users (or new computers) needing clean installation should install this package when using Dewesoft DAQ instruments or plugins.
Release notes
226.24 MB 09.03.2015
DEWESoft X2 SP1 binary
The latest stable release of DEWESoft X2 SP1 - build 18
Release notes
18.25 MB 09.03.2015
DEWESoft X1 releases - only for Dewesoft instruments
DEWESoft X1 SP8 binary
Binary file of previously released version of Dewesoft X1
13.29 MB 13.03.2015
DEWESoft X1 SP7 installer
Full installer of previously released version of Dewesoft X1
218.04 MB 23.02.2015
DEWESoft 7 releases - for third party hardware
DEWESoft 7.1.2 binary
DEWESoft 7.1.2 binary (.exe) file - use only with non-Dewesoft DAQ devices
13.67 MB 20.02.2015
DEWESoft 7.1.1 installer
DEWESoft 7.1.1 full installer package - use only with non-Dewesoft DAQ devices
229.11 MB 12.09.2014
DEWESoft 7.1.1 binary
DEWESoft 7.1.1 binary (.exe) file - use only with non-Dewesoft DAQ devices
13.6 MB 05.09.2014
DEWESoft 6 releases - for third party hardware
DEWEsoft 6.6.8 binary
DEWESoft 6.6.8 released (binary EXE file)
5.52 MB 23.12.2011
DEWEsoft 6.6.7 installer
DEWESoft 6.6.7 installer package
89.44 MB 13.07.2010
DEWESoft Viewer 6.x - for third party hardware
DEWEsoft 6.6.7 viewer installer
DEWESoft 6.6.7 viewer installer package
14.68 MB 13.07.2010
SW Manuals
DEWESoft X1 tutorials
DEWESoft X1 tutorials, RC version (in development)
41.03 MB 12.12.2013
DEWESoft X1 user manual
DEWESoft X1 user's manual, beta version (in development)
47.23 MB 12.12.2013
DEWESoft Sequencer
Dewesoft Sequencer manual, version 1.0
856.41 KB 17.06.2013
DEWESoft 7 tutorials
Complete step-by-step tutorials for using and setting up DEWESoft 7. Tutorials cover everything from basic measurement setup, strain and counter measurements to advanced combustion and power analysis
DEWESoft 7.0.3 user manual
DEWESoft 7.0.3 user's manual
42.6 MB 24.02.2011
DEWESoft 7.0 quick start manual
Dewesoft 7.0 quick start manual. This manual will guide you trough installation and hardware setup procedure as well as introduce you to your first measurement and data analysis procedures.
2.45 MB 13.06.2010
DEWESoft 6.6 user manual
DEWESoft 6.6 user manual version 1.3.0
41.22 MB 13.06.2010
DEWESoft 6.6.2 tutorials
DEWESoft 6.6.2 tutorials, version 1.3.1
73.4 MB 13.06.2010
SW Application Manuals
Combustion Analyser Manual
Combustion Analyser Manual v1.0.3
Release notes
4.06 MB 11.02.2015
Rotational and Torsional Vibration Manual
Rotational and Torsional Vibration Manual v1.0
2.49 MB 13.06.2014
Ordertracking Manual
Ordertracking Manual v1.1
3.09 MB 13.06.2014
FRF Modal Analysis Manual
FRF Modal Analysis Manual v1.0
4.56 MB 13.06.2014
Bridge operations - Strain Gauges AppNote
Bridge operations - Strain Gauges AppNote v1.4
1.22 MB 13.06.2014
How-To Guides
Reduce signal ringing with FIR
How to use FIR filter to reduce ringing on signal with sharp transitions
436.43 KB 27.01.2015
DS-NET DEWESoft Status Output - AppNote v1.1
How to realise a status output "measurement ok" on a DS-NET system, by the use of OS-independent alarms
913.5 KB 12.01.2015
Short-time Fourier transform
413.3 KB 01.09.2014
Multiple instances of DEWESoft
How to run multiple instances of DEWESoft and plugin registration (Win8)
462.14 KB 16.06.2014
Integration math methods
Demo setup with documented instructions on different integration methods
473.51 KB 13.06.2014
Use GPS for timing and synchronisation v1.2
How to use GPS for timing and synchronisation v1.2
3.06 MB 14.01.2014
Array math
Basic guide on how to use array math
717.7 KB 24.12.2013
Access Point on Minitaur
How to establish AP on Minitaur using RaLink and connect to it from another machine
356.27 KB 16.12.2013
Exporting to Matlab format
Read this if you have problems with exporting .d7d to .mat format
261.53 KB 18.11.2013
Auto start measurement
How to start measurement automatically with system boot
173.28 KB 07.11.2013
Impact Hammer Calibration
How to calibrate impact hammer
406.8 KB 09.10.2013
Sine Processing
How to use Sine Processing in Dewesoft
726.01 KB 23.09.2013
Multiple cameras
connecting 6 x DS-CAM-600 and benchmarks
745.4 KB 16.09.2013
Digital Out on Dewesoft devices
How to use digital out on Dewesoft devices
944.56 KB 11.06.2013
Shortcuts in Dewesoft
Keyboard and mouse shortcuts in Dewesoft
158.48 KB 20.05.2013
Analog out Configurations
App Note - Analog out operation modes
Supercounter and OT
Meaning of supercounter and order tracking functionality
Getting tuned in to DEWESoft Math
Learn how to use Dewesoft Math with Sirius and tuning fork sensor.
Remote Access - App Note
How to remote control Dewesoft via WiFi or Internet (phone) using Android tablet PC or Apple iPAD
2.32 MB 22.01.2013
Power supply ground loops
Power supply ground loops - App Note
192.09 KB 07.12.2012
NTP server sync
How to synchronise Dewesoft instruments using NTP server via LAN
249.31 KB 31.08.2012
Instructions - Chapter 10
Basic instructions for Ch.10 and PCM plugins
1.22 MB 04.06.2012
CPB reference curve
How to display CPB reference curve
692.5 KB 01.06.2012
Getting started with SIRIUS demokit
This document is thought for users, who are using the software and/or SIRIUS for the first time and want a quick guide to start effective working.
5.4 MB 04.05.2012
Instructions - Sync DEWE-43 with IRIG
Sync DEWE-43 with external IRIG B clock
434.42 KB 03.04.2012
Trigger alarm on DEWE-43
How to trigger an alarm with DEWE-43
561.47 KB 03.04.2012
Rescue image disk on DEWE-101
How to make rescue image disk on DEWE-101
182.62 KB 03.04.2012
Multiple GPS on DEWE-101
Use multiple GPS antennas on DEWE-101
548.86 KB 03.04.2012
Modal test Basic
Short instructions on how to use Modal test with demo setup
1.2 MB 03.04.2012
Multi monitor
Use extra monitors as Measuring screens
514.05 KB 03.04.2012
32ch sync via ethernet
Effective 32 channel measurements with perfect sync via Ethernet v1.3
876.38 KB 01.07.2011
Windows7 firewall
Disable windows 7 firewall tutorial
751.55 KB 20.05.2011
directx setup tutorial
How to setup and diagnose DirectX
290.75 KB 10.05.2011
Embedded License
Short manual how to embed Dewesoft license on Dewesoft USB devices
74.88 KB 07.04.2011
Export FFT to Excel
Export FFT to Excel
880.2 KB 11.03.2011
Data headers
Using data headers in Math functions
375.45 KB 24.02.2011
HW Manuals
Datasheet for DS-IRIG-ACDC2 including specifications
250.67 KB 20.04.2015
User manual for all SIRIUS hardware (Dual-Core, HD, HS, Rack), USB/EtherCAT
Release notes
10.88 MB 20.04.2015
KRYPTON dimensions
Technical drawings and dimensions of KRYPTON instruments
99.77 KB 05.03.2015
Minitaur users manual
DEWE-101 Technical Reference Manual v1.2
1.11 MB 24.12.2014
MSI 20mA Technical reference manual V2.0.pdf
MSI 20mA Technical reference manual v2.0
601.5 KB 15.12.2014
KRYPTON Power Junction connection manual
Describes how to connect KRYPTON DAQ modules with Power Junction box and a PC.
523.17 KB 03.12.2014
Technical Reference Manual v3.3.7
DS-NET users manual
14.7 MB 07.10.2014
SIRIUS Rack dimensions
Technical drawings and dimensions of SIRIUS Rack chassis
393.12 KB 21.08.2014
Sirius DC and HD filtering
Filtering on Dewesoft Dual Core and HD amplifiers
308.32 KB 14.07.2014
Sirius HS filtering
Filtering on Dewesoft HS amplifiers
188.06 KB 14.07.2014
MSI 5A Technical reference manual
MSI 5A Technical reference manual V1.0
1.03 MB 21.05.2014
LVDT Adapter Technical reference manual
LVDT Adapter Technical reference manual v1.0
1019.49 KB 10.03.2014
DS-VGPS-HSC users manual
DS-VGPS-HSC Technical Manual v1.0.0
2.03 MB 25.02.2014
DS-WIFI2 Technical Manual
DS-WIFI2 Technical Manual v1.0
1.95 MB 13.01.2014
DEWE-43 Users Manual
DEWE-43 users manual v2.5
1.2 MB 16.12.2013
DS-VGPS-HS users manual
DS-VGPS-HS Technical Manual v1.0.0
1.66 MB 03.10.2013
DS-NET-CPU Technical Reference Manual
DS-NET-CPU users manual v1.2.3
2.31 MB 23.09.2013
Manual for DS-CLOCK
1.22 MB 04.09.2013
DS-CAM-88c and DS-CAM-120c - Technical Manual
DS-CAM-88c and DS-CAM-120c - Technical Manual v1.1.0
2.95 MB 03.07.2013
DS-TACHO1 Technical Manual
DS-TACHO1 Technical Manual v1.1
582.68 KB 26.04.2013
DS-CAM-600 Technical Manual
DS-CAM-600 Technical Manual v1.0
SIRIUS dimensions
Technical drawings and dimensions of SIRIUS chassis combinations
999.15 KB 27.03.2012
DS-CAN2 user manual
DS-CAN2 user manual v1.2
561.43 KB 12.01.2012
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - Chinese
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - German Version
31.41 MB 11.12.2014
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - Russian
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - Russian Version
24.48 MB 10.12.2014
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - German
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - German Version
12.57 MB 10.12.2014
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - English
DEWESoft Product Catalog 12/2014 - English Version
12.7 MB 10.12.2014
Short form CATALOGUE June 2012
WEB version of short form Catalogue
3.99 MB 13.07.2012
SIRIUS Brochure 2012
13 pages from Catalogue 2012
1.83 MB 13.07.2012
DS-MINITAUR Brochure 2011
Latest versions 2011, print resolution
3.17 MB 24.07.2011
DS-NET Brochure 2011
Print version
10.27 MB 24.07.2011
Automotive Brochure
Dewesoft automotive solutions, PRINT version (pdf)
19.25 MB 13.05.2011
ADMA_Can plugin v3.5.0
ADMA-CAN plugin version 3.5.0 (all FW supported)
530.44 KB 03.01.2014
ADMA-Can plugin v2.1
ADMA-CAN plugin version 2.1 (Dewesoft 6)
333.03 KB 05.01.2011
ARINC-MIL1553 Plugin
ARINC_MIL1553 plugin V2.2.1
ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 plugin (AltaDT, Chapter10, Ballard)
Release notes
506.18 KB 18.02.2015
Astro-Med™ (reg. trademark of Astro-med Inc.)
Astromed plugin quick start guide
938.6 KB 11.12.2013
Printer driver for EverestX and RealChartNP 1.4.1
700.27 KB 11.09.2011
Audio card
Audio card ver.3.0
258.72 KB 13.08.2013
AutoExport Plugin
AutoExport plugin v1.4
AutoExport plugin version 1.4
881.54 KB 24.04.2014
Ballard Plugin (ARINC 429, MIL 1553) - obsolete
Ballard plugin v2.2.6
Ballard plugin for ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 standards. For newer version see ARINC_MIL1553 plugin.
492.37 KB 20.10.2011
Ballard plugin manual
PDF user and installation manual for Ballard plugin
277.33 KB 13.06.2010
BrakeTest math plugin v3.0.7
BrakeTest math plugin version 3.0.7
417.04 KB 03.06.2014
BrakeTest manual
BrakeTest with DS-MINITAUR manual
650.16 KB 13.06.2010
CA-Testbed Plugin
CA TestBed plugin v4.2
Use CA TestBed V4.2 for DewesoftX
384.73 KB 11.02.2014
CA TestBed protocol manual
CA Testbed common AK protocol definition for v2.3
2.73 KB 12.11.2010
CA TestBed plugin v2.3
CA TestBed plugin version 2.3
387.01 KB 12.11.2010
CAN OUT Plugin (Obsolete since Dewesoft 7.0.5)
PDF user and installation manual for CAN Output plugIn for Dewesoft 7
540.64 KB 29.11.2011
CAN OUT plugin v1.5
CAN OUT plugin version 1.5
311.58 KB 21.02.2011
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 recorder reproducer plugin v5.6
Release notes
566.46 KB 17.12.2014
ControlChannel plugin
ControlChannel plugin v2.0.0
Create your own control channels and change their values with sliders, turn knobs, buttons,...
360.57 KB 24.06.2014
CPAD2 Plugin
CPAD2 plugin v1.10
CAN plugin for CPAD modules
635.95 KB 19.11.2013
CPU Usage
CPUUsage V1.3
Monitor CPU & Orion resources
249.85 KB 21.07.2013
CrossBow 440
User manual and instructions for CrossBow 440 plugin.
812.02 KB 15.02.2012
The DEWESoft® plugin for CrossBow 440 Series Inertial System can read angular rates, accelerometer and temperature data from the CrossBow device at user definable sample rates.
734.2 KB 15.02.2012
Data Manager
DataManager v2.10
Plugin for copying acquired data to FTP server or to local folder. It can also remove old files or shutdown the computer after transfer is done.
429.49 KB 22.10.2014
DeweCAM Driver
DeweCAM camera driver v2.4
Driver for Dewetron DeweCAM camera version 2.4.
34.12 KB 13.06.2010
DS-NET Plugin
DS NET plugin v4.19
Plugin for DS NET devices.
Release notes
1.44 MB 23.04.2015
DS NET import v2.4
Importer for DS NET USB Log Files.
Release notes
300.23 KB 15.12.2014
EPAD BASE2 plugin version 2.1 (needed for V7.1)
300.92 KB 23.10.2013
EPAD BASE2 plugin version 2.0
311.23 KB 20.08.2010
PDF user and installation manual for EPAD BASE2 for Dewesoft 7
634.51 KB 20.08.2010
Ethernet Frame Dump Export
Ethernet frame dump v1.1
Ethernet Receiver Plugin
Ethernet receiver v2.6
Receives, filters and decodes ethernet packages
Release notes
506.99 KB 24.02.2015
EthernetReceiver Plugin Manual v1.0.0
Manual for Ethernet Receiver Plugin
File Cleaner
The free file-cleaner plugin can be configured to automatically delete old files (i.e. DEWESoft® data files) in specific folders.
USE WITH CARE - deleted files cannot be restored!
Release notes
1.98 MB 03.04.2015
User Manual for File Cleaner Plugin
Release notes
771.47 KB 03.04.2015
FlexRay v1.5
FlexRay system bus support with FIBEX import.
Dewesoft 7.0.6 or higher is required.
Release notes
645.5 KB 16.12.2014
FLIR Plugin
Flir plugin v1.4
Plugin for FLIR Thermovision cameras
FLIR supported cameras
List of supported cameras
FLIR Runtime Objects 2.6 SP2
SDK runtime objects needed to run FLIR plugin. Fixed: Wrong temperatures after changing range
11.64 MB 15.06.2011
FRF Geometry
FRF Geometry v2.8
FRF Geometry Visual component
Release notes
569.13 KB 18.03.2015
Gantner Plugin
Gantner plugin v4.14
Plugin for Gantner devices. Dewesoft 7.0.4 or higher recommended.
1.44 MB 06.11.2013
GigE cam driver version 3.5. See How-to Instructions for installation. CDV driver needs installed Smartek SDK or higher (also included in the zip file).
31.98 MB 25.11.2014
GRS-1 plugin
GRS- 1 plugin file V1.0.7
Plugin for Topcon GRS-1 devices (portable W-Lan GPS with RTK option). The plugin supports TCP/IP and UPD. RTK allows for submeter accuracy (i.e. in combination with the ADMA plugin).
1.7 MB 27.11.2013
Manual for GRS-1 plugin V1.0.7
Documentation and users manual for the GRS-1 plugin
1.14 MB 27.11.2013
J1587 Plugin
Rp1210 library for J1587 plugin
Rp1210 library for J1587 plugin
493.82 KB 13.06.2010
J1587 plugin v1.02
J1587 plugin version 1.02 (requires Rp1210 library)
345.84 KB 13.06.2010
Kistler Wheels Plugin
Documentation and User Manual for Kistler Wheels RoaDyn2000 Ethernet plugin
1 MB 12.02.2015
RoaDyn2000_LAN plugin v4.5
Kistler Wheels RoaDyn2000 ethernet interface plugin version 4.5 (Dewesoft7)
418.05 KB 16.01.2013
RoaDyn2000_LAN plugin v3.1.1
Kistler Wheels RoaDyn2000 ethernet interface plugin version 3.1.1 (Dewesoft6)
359.51 KB 27.05.2011
Kistler Wheels CAN plugin v1.19
Kistler Wheels CAN interface plugin version 1.19
279.91 KB 13.06.2010
KML export
Google Earth KML export plugin v 2.0
809.36 KB 25.03.2014
Marcator Driver
Marcator driver
Marcator driver, programming manual and installation guide
614.54 KB 13.06.2010
Microstrain Plugin
Documentation 3DM_GX3_Plugin V1.0.4
Users manual and specifications
1.12 MB 11.10.2011
3DM-GX3 Plugin V1.0.4
DEWESoft® plugin for the Single Byte Command API of Microstrain® 3DM-GX3® Miniature Attitude Heading Reference System. Read acceleration, angular rate, magnetometer and orientation matrix. Pitch, Roll, Yaw are calculated. Sample rate up to 1kHz..
Note: the newer MIP protocol is NOT supported.
727.32 KB 11.10.2011
Modal Circle
Modal Circle v1.5
Modal circle visual component
253.52 KB 18.07.2011
Modbus RTU Plugin - Manual v1.0
Short Manual for the Modbus RTU Plugin
812.2 KB 21.01.2015
Modbus RTU V7.1.0.93
Modbus Master Plugin version
2.41 MB 19.12.2013
Modbus Plugin V1.0.6
The DEWESoft® Modbus TCP/IP plugin can read Modbus channels over TCP/IP. It supports Boolean, Int16, Int16 unsigned and Float32 (including Word-Swap) datatypes. Note: writing to the Modbus device is currently not supported.
ModBus plugin users manual
Documentation and users manual for ModBus plugin.
760.47 KB 19.04.2012
NMEA Weatherstation Plugin
This plugin supports one NMEA compatible Weather Station Device (e.g. Vaisala WXT520) via RS232 interface. Currently MWV and XDR messages are supported. The device must be configured to send the data automatically.
323.75 KB 14.11.2013
Feature sheet for NMEA Weatherstation plugin
97.23 KB 14.11.2013
OBDII Plugin
OBDII plugin v1.4
OBDII on CAN protocol plugin version 1.4
Release notes
321.41 KB 17.04.2015
OBDII test channels
OBDII test channels
17.52 KB 13.06.2010
PDF user and installation manual for OBDII plugin
549.23 KB 13.06.2010
ODE (Online Data Export)
Ode Plugin
Documentation and User Manual for the ODE plugin
Release notes
3.04 MB 07.04.2015
Manual for ODE Plugin V1.0.1 (pdf)
The Online Data Export (ODE) plugin can export DEWESoft® measurement data of numerical channels during storing directly to a database (currently MySQL® and Microsoft SQL Server® are supported) or to .csv files (that can later be imported into the database).
Note: array channels (like FFT) are not supported.
3.92 MB 07.04.2015
PAD-AO Plugin
PAD-AO plugin v1.4
309.18 KB 19.06.2012
PCM Telemetry plugin
PCM telemetry plugin v10.3.0
Release notes
873.11 KB 25.02.2015
Polygon plugin v2.6.2
Polygon plugin v2.6.2 + Polygon visual control v1.8.
Release notes
1.37 MB 17.02.2015
VehicleSimulation v1.0
Simulate car driving with keyboard or joystick. For "in the office" polygon testing.
296.16 KB 21.05.2012
Dewesoft with Polygon plugin and FuSi, LaneChange, LaneDeparture, PassBy,... projects with setups, sequences and replay data. (Also for Vista and Windows7 with UAC enabled)
20.64 MB 29.09.2010
Manual for polygon plugin
1.06 MB 25.08.2010
Psophometer instrument v1.2
Psophometer is used for testing telecommunication equipment. It shows us audible effects of disturbing voltages of various frequencies.
1 MB 21.04.2015
RemoteControl Plugin
DS-REM-CTRL remote controller plugin
Release notes
6.8 MB 27.01.2015
DS-REM-CTRL Technical Reference manual.pdf
124.11 KB 23.01.2015
Rosette Math Plugin - Manual v1.0
439.84 KB 11.06.2013
Rosette math plugin v2.2
Rosette math plugin version 2.2
Rotor Balancer
Rotor Balancer v3.0
Works only in Dewesoft X2 SP2 or higher
Release notes
982.01 KB 26.03.2015
RS232 Plugin
Documentation RS232 Plugin V1.1.1
Manual for the RS232 plugin
1.24 MB 05.09.2011
Generic RS232 Plugin V1.1.1
The RS232 Plugin can extract numeric data from an RS232 data stream. You can specify the number of channels (aka. fields), the start-string, stop-string and field separator, decimal and thousands-separator. Example-stream: "$CSV,123;-123.12;1;4E10;\CR\LF"
715.49 KB 05.09.2011
S3 Export
nCode S3 export v1.0.1
4.26 MB 28.01.2015
Selective Store (FLIR alarm)
Selective Store Plugin V1.1.0
The DEWESoft® Selective Storing plugin can be used to store only a part of the FLIR camera data. You can easily define simple alarm-conditions and a pre-post trigger time. This will work with any 2D array channels, but is commonly used for FLIR cameras.
A typical use-case is that you want to store a DEWESoft® data-file and only when the FLIR camera detects that a certain region gets to hot, you also want to store the FLIR data to the DEWESoft® datafile, to see what's going on.
1.95 MB 04.11.2014
Selective Store Plugin - User Manual
Documentation and User Manual for the Selective Store Plugin
1.54 MB 04.11.2014
SendMail plugin
SendMail Plugin v1.1.0 - Manual.pdf
Manual for SendMail Plugin
996.96 KB 23.09.2014
SendMail plugin v2.0.0
Send e-mail on Dewesoft alarm
751.24 KB 18.06.2014
Documentation and users manual for SerialCom plugin
7.55 MB 03.04.2015
A generic plugin for Serial Communication (RS232 and compatible). It can receive serial data and extract text or numeric data from the byte stream. You can also send data to the serial device (e.g. on start of storing or every X seconds, ...).
Release notes
868.97 KB 03.04.2015
Siemens S7 plugin
SiemensS7 v1.0.0.1
Siemens S7 plugin supports communication with Siemens PLC devices via S7 protocol over Ethernet. Direct communication between plugin and PLC devices, therefore no Siemens licenses are required. Read & write* supported. All S7 data types supported
(Bool, Byte, Char, Word, Int, DWord, DInt, Real, Date, Time Of Day, Date_Time, String). Plugin is capable of communicating with multiple PLC devices simultaneously.
1.27 MB 03.03.2015
Siemens S7 Plugin - Manual v1.0
Documentation and user manual for Siemens S7 Plugin
3.04 MB 13.02.2015
Sound Power
Sound Power v1.4
Sound power is characteristics of the sound source and is one of the practical ways of comparing various sound sources. Sound power plugin calculates Spl and Lw - overal and spectrall (octave) values. Plugin offers also standard corrections like C1, C2, K1 and K2.
1.42 MB 22.04.2015
SoundPower Plugin - Manual v1.1
Documentation and users manual for Sound power plugin
1.67 MB 03.12.2014
SRS plugin
Shock response spectrum v2.9
Shock response spectrum is a graphical representation of transient acceleration input (such as shock) in terms of how SDOF system respons to that input. SRS is calclated in time domain as series of filters. Results are presented as plots of frequency vs amplitude (max-max, min-max...).
Standard Data File Export
SDF export ver. 1.11
224.28 KB 20.12.2010
TCP/IP Binary Client
TCP/IP Binary Client Plugin V1.1.1
The DEWESoft® TCP/IP Binary Client plugin can receive data from external applications (e.g. LabView, ...) via TCP/IP and add this data to Dewesoft channels. The external application must send the data in the protocol specified in the documentation: i.e. the software-team of the external application must do some programming to make their application talk to this plugin.
1.66 MB 27.11.2013
Manual for TCP/IP Binary Client Plugin V1.1.1
Manual for TCP/IP Binary Client Plugin
789.87 KB 27.11.2013
TDF Export
TDF export v0.1
815.64 KB 26.03.2012
TDM Export
TDM Export v. 1.4
784.04 KB 14.03.2014
Telemetry Camera
Virtual telemetry camera ver. 2.2
930.74 KB 21.04.2015
TXT Import
Text Import 2.7
331.24 KB 12.02.2014
WAV export
WAV export v2.2
770.84 KB 06.02.2015
XCP Plugin
XCP plugin v2.2.4
XCP (CAN or Ethernet) and CCP protocol support
Release notes
466.82 KB 16.01.2015
XCP plugin manual
PDF user and installation manual for XCP plugin
265.68 KB 02.06.2011
XSens Driver
Xsens Sensor Plugin Technical Manual
1.13 MB 14.11.2013
Xsens driver v2.17
Driver for XSens MTi Gyro platform
XSens USBConverter x64
XSens USBConverter 64 bit
DLL library for XSens driver
This DLL is required for XSens plugin
75.02 KB 13.06.2010
XSens USBConverter
XSens USBConverter
126.93 KB 13.06.2010
SoundOutput Plugin
Output sync channels through sound card
851.94 KB 08.09.2014
Signed drivers (ver. 3.1 / 1/30/2014) for all Dewesoft USB devices. Works on Xp, Vista, Win7, Win8 32 and 64 bit OS.
300.49 KB 10.02.2014
WLAN driver for internal Minitaur wireless card
29.49 MB 30.09.2011
Touch screen drivers for MOB-DISP-10 monitor
7.82 MB 09.02.2011
DS MINITAUR system drivers
Windows drivers for DS MINITAUR system. Drivers package contains drivers for: ETX motherboard (PCI, Audio, Graphics, Network, PCIToIsa bridge) drivers, Power driver, WLAN driver, DEWESoft EPAD and IRIG driver and DeweUSB driver.
91 MB 13.06.2010
Firmware for SIRIUS modules.
286.47 KB 26.03.2015
Use this utility program to perform firmware upgrade on your instrument(s).
459.71 KB 17.03.2015
Firmware for DS-CLOCK, version
330.1 KB 11.02.2015
Firmware for DEWE-43 and DS-MINITAUR version with new Master/Slave synchronization scheme (not compatible with old scheme).
399.82 KB 26.01.2015
Firmware for SIRIUS-HS instrument version with new Master/Slave synchronization scheme (not compatible with old scheme).
787.15 KB 04.12.2014
Firmware for SIRIUS-CD instrument version with new Master/Slave synchronization scheme (not compatible with old scheme).
730.21 KB 04.12.2014
Firmware for Krypton TH instrument version 1.28.
41.82 KB 19.11.2014
Firmware for SIRIUS instrument version with new Master/Slave synchronization scheme (not compatible with old scheme).
423.09 KB 03.11.2014
DS-CAN2 interface firmware version
321.6 KB 13.01.2014
Firmware for PCM-FS2 instrument version
385.67 KB 24.09.2013
Bearings sensor database
Unzip and copy XML file to appropriate DEWESoft System folder.
103.61 KB 06.06.2014
ISO certificates
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 PDF certificates
2.09 MB 25.02.2014
DER (Dewesoft Excel Reporting)
Some DEWESoft® data files that are used in the DER documentation. No need to download, unless you want to reproduce the examples that are explained in the DER documentation.
1.22 MB 13.10.2014
DER is an Excel 2013 Add-In that can be used to create Excel reports based on multiple DEWESoft® data-files. Features: use channel-data, DEWESoft® header information and easily create charts. Time can be relative to the first trigger (use-case: Brake Test Reports). PDF documentation is included in the download.
Release notes
3.69 MB 13.10.2014
DEWESoft Launcher
For use with DEWESoft X2 only!

DEWESoft Laucher should be placed under \Program Files\Common Files\DEWESoft Shared\
1.67 MB 06.10.2014
For use with DEWESoft X1 only!

DEWESoft Laucher should be placed under \Program Files\Common Files\DEWESoft Shared\
1.23 MB 01.04.2014
Dewesoft Logos
DEWESoft logos, Business Card template, Wallpapers, Font
34.97 MB 06.11.2014
DS Calculator
DEWESoft Calculator_1.4
Dewesoft calculator is a simple tool that calculates USB transfer (MB/s) for various DEWESoft devices.
73.52 KB 24.03.2015
DS Calibrator
DSCalibrator 5.0
DSCalibrator installer
Release notes
21.53 MB 01.04.2015
DS-CAL1 Manual
PDF Installation and Operation Manual for CAL-BOX v.1.0.1
1.5 MB 13.03.2014
Language file translation tools
LangDiff tool uses the translations from the old language file to update the new (not yet translated) language file.
743.44 KB 12.03.2014
Marketing material
Poster in PRINT resolution for tade shows, 80x100cm, 300dpi
2.08 MB 25.09.2012
Various new SIRIUS photos high res
latest versions of new product pics, SBOX, HUB, Analog OUT, STG-M
29.74 MB 06.08.2012
Various SIRIUS photos Press Quality
18.27 MB 28.11.2011
Dewesoft poster Automotive 2011
Posters for tradeshow, 12 pcs. 80x120cm, Overview, Products, Applications, typical automotive, print reolution, PDF
15.54 MB 08.09.2011
DEWESoft poster 2011
Poster for tradeshows, 4pcs. 80x120cm, Overview of Dewesoft products, instruments and software, print resolution, PDF, 17MB
17.23 MB 06.09.2011
DEWE-43 and DS-MINITAUR new photos
New product photos of DEWE-43 and DS-MINITAUR instruments. Includes photos of DS-MINITAUR RUGGED, LCD display and various configurations.
154.74 MB 16.02.2011
LCD display photos
Various press quality photos of MOB-DISPLAY.
951.2 KB 21.12.2010
DS-NET photos
Various press quality photos of DS-NET instrument.
363.22 MB 21.12.2010
Various press quality photos of DS-MINITAUR instrument.
194.39 MB 21.12.2010
DEWE-43 photos
Various press quality photos of DEWE-43 instrument.
225.14 MB 21.12.2010
PCIe-6363 configuration file
304 Bytes 13.06.2010
DEWESoft remote desktop support
2.58 MB 26.09.2011
TEDS editor tool
TedsEditor V2.2.0
Release notes
4.52 MB 22.03.2015
How to read/write a TEDS chip
How to read/write a TEDS chip with DEWESoft
558.4 KB 24.09.2014
Dewesoft TEDS description file (TDL)
Labview example code reading TEDS templates
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