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Dewesoft software
Questions and discussions about Dewesoft software (Dewesoft 6, Dewesoft 7, Dewesoft X), Dewesoft add-ons/plugins.
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CPAD Temperature Units
By Chris Games
03.02.2016 15:55
Help for developers
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DCOM Zero adjust specific channels
By Tomas Nordin
08.12.2015 16:18
Other software related discussions
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file upload modal 1
By Konrad Schweiger
11.12.2015 13:50
Hardware discussions
Dewesoft Instruments
Questions and discussions about Dewesoft Instrument: SIRIUS, DS-RACK, DS-43, DS-MINITAUR, DS-NET, DS-CAN2 and others
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By Davide Benassi
18.11.2015 11:25
Dewesoft Accessories
Questions and discussions about Dewesoft HW accessories: DS-CAM, VGPS, DS-SYNC, DS-CLOCK, DS-BATTERY and others
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Other hardware related discussions
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Sirius Feet Spacing
By Donald McCallum
23.10.2014 15:03
PRO training
PRO training feedback
Questions, feedback and improvement suggestions about DEWESoft PRO training
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Badge picture
By Jernej Sirk
18.12.2014 13:24
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