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DEWESoft Spotlight August 2016

Posted on 31.08.2016

Dear DEWESoft friends

We had a really busy summer, full of exciting developments on new products and efforts to bring our solutions the highest quality standards. Cover photo is this time hallowed to EtherCAT instruments and technology that are becoming more and more popular in data acquisition world.

Top product releases of this issue are:

  • Dewesoft X2 SP7: the most stable X2 version with new exciting features. Highly recommended and FREE upgrade for all DEWESoft® users.
  • New SBOX instruments (SBOXe, SBOXfe, SBOXre) with EtherCAT® interface.
  • New, updated SIRIUS R2D all-in-one DAQ instrument
  • New DS-MOUNT19 mount for SIRIUS slice.

Fourth issue of Spotlight online magazine is available now. See it at

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DEWESoft X2 SP7 released

Posted on 30.08.2016

Dewesoft X2 SP7 is the most stable X2 version with exciting new features.

After months of intensive testing, performance tuning and new feature implementations the new version of Dewesoft X2 is ready. Thousands of test procedures were created in order to extensively test every possible hardware configuration and assure stability throughout the entire product line.

Along with software we have also improved firmware for all devices. Firmware can now be upgraded to the latest version directly within Dewesoft X2 software.

Dewesoft X2 SP7 is highly recommended and free upgrade for all DEWESoft users.

You can download latest Dewesoft X2 SP7 version here.

To read more about Dewesoft X2 SP7 please take a look the article in the latest Spotlight online magazine.

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DEWESoft X2 SP6 released

Posted on 08.06.2016

DEWESoft X2 SP6 is the latest and most powerful data acquisition software from DEWESoft. All DEWESoft X users can upgrade it for free. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware. You can download Dewesoft X2 SP6 from this link.

What has been enhanced in SP6:

  • added notification window
  • added save dialog when something is changed in analyse
  • added option to change X and Y axes on Campbell plot
  • added option to copy CAN messages from bus to bus and from one setup to another
  • added option to change Rx/Tx CAN messages
  • added custom keyboard shortcuts
  • improved Sirius-CD and Sirius-HS watchdog timer
  • added option to copy-paste multiple cells from single column inside grids
  • added option to define maximum number of samples shown on GPS map (advanced settings)
  • added DCOM events evOnEnterAnalysisMode, evOnEnterMeasureMode
  • implemented function generator colours the frequency red if it is set too high
  • implemented SIRIUS-HS-LV+ module with vertical counter
  • implemented DSI-ACC-0.16Hz
  • implemented SIRIUS-HS-HVv2 module
  • implemented Krypton-LV_1
  • implemented Sirius EtherCAT HD modules
  • implemented industrial motherboard SIRIUS-CDI (firmware version
  • implemented DS-VGPS-HSCv2
  • implemented SIRIUS-ACCv2 and SIRIUS-ACCv2+ modules
  • implemented new STGMv3w and STGMv3w+ fronts
  • math reference from Dewesoft data file
  • LowPass filter values 10/30Hz are now allowed even a HighPass filter is supported by hardware. User has to take not set a useless combination of 10Hz for both HP- and LP-Filter.
  • Several BUG fixes

DEWESoft X is now available also in Portuguese language.

To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.

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DEWESoft Spotlight April 2016

Posted on 08.04.2016

Dear DEWESoft friends

Three months are around and again we’ve prepared a new exciting issue of Spotlight.

We were again really busy, this time with pushing our equipment to its limits. We are proud to say that this issue is again full with exciting new product releases, application notes and more.

In this issue your attention will be directed to:

DEWESoft streaming speed record,

  • DS-MODAL package,
  • ECAT power injector,
  • exciting application notes,
  • and more...

Third issue of Spotlight online magazine is available now. See it at

Keep reading spotlight and don’t forget that you can take a part in making Spotlight even better and send us your feedback and comments.

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DEWESoft Spotlight January 2016

Posted on 12.01.2016

We wish you all a Happy New Year 2016.

All of us at DEWESoft had the most successful year ever and we are opening new year with a fresh issue of Spotlight - our interactive online magazine with new product releases, application notes and more.

Hottest news for this issue are:

  • SIRIUS R2DB and R8DB,
  • SIRIUS EtherCAT,
  • new DSI adapters,
  • and more...

Second issue of Spotlight online magazine is available now. See it at

Keep reading spotlight and don’t forget that you can take a part in making Spotlight even better and send us your feedback and comments.

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Software Innovation of the Year

Posted on 16.12.2015


We are proud to inform you that DEWESoft® has won Software Innovation of the Year award for DEWESoft X2 SP2 in Automotive Testing Technology Awards.

As most of you already know, the software has been developed for the last 20 years by our fantastic team of engineers. What DEWESoft offers today is a perfect combination between software and hardware, that forms a complete turnkey solution in many application areas.

What motivates us and keeps us on the right track is close cooperation and positive feedback from our customers.

We absolutely enjoy using the DEWESoft equipment and its support software – I think of it as the Porsche 911 of data collection (my dream car/our dream test equipment).

Such comments and especially such rewards brake our daily routine and remind us that what we do...we need to do our best!

We will continue listening to you and providing you a powerful and easy-to-use solutions.

Thanks to all of you who have voted!

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Dewesoft X2 SP5 released

Posted on 14.12.2015

Dewesoft X2 SP5 is the latest innovation in data acquisition software from DEWESoft. Available as a free upgrade for all Dewesoft X users. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware. You can download Dewesoft X2 SP5 from this link.

The new enhancements include:

  • NET allows connection from view to slave client
  • Possibility to adjust transfer rate for NET clients
  • Possibility to transfer display templates to view client (NET)
  • Restart for view clients added (NET)
  • Added sensor detection for DSI-MCTS on LV modules
  • Added SIRIUS-HS STG+ for Minitaur
  • Added schematics for SIRIUS STGMv3 (L1B10f+)
  • Added digital meter functionality (new display type added)
  • Added experimental features in advanced settings
  • Improved modal test functionality for rejecting or resetting selected points
  • Implemented DB25 connector for Krypton
  • Implemented Krypton DIO module
  • Implemented Krypton 16xDO
  • Implemented SIRIUS-LVv2 (BAN+)
  • Implemented SIRIUS-STGMv3 (L1B10f+)
  • Implemented slim slice for Sirius-LVv2
  • Sirius HS supports PPS sync for multiple devices (firmware version or higher needed)
  • Sirius CD supports PPS sync for multiple devices (firmware version or higher needed)
  • Pressing “store” button will stop storing without stopping acquisition
  • Improved wait block in sequencer (timeout added)
  • Added new sequencer functions in calculation block

To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.

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Spotlight issue 1 is out. Read it now...

Posted on 08.10.2015

DEWESoft Spotlight

Dear DEWESoft friends.

We have decided to make an interactive online magazine that will help you follow our progress on our latest

  • product releases,
  • applications,
  • news,
  • upcoming events and
  • more...

First issue of Spotlight online magazine is available now. See it at

What motivates us and keeps us going is a close cooperation with you. Take a part in making Spotlight even better and send us your feedback and comments.

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DEWESoft PRO training

Posted on 18.08.2015

DEWESoft PRO training is a new learning platform, created for all measurement professionals and those who would like to become one. Learn how to use DEWESoft, measure signals, process and analyze data in one place.

Enter DEWESoft's learning database and collect stars, that will swing you among DEWESoft specialists on different levels. Your effort will be awarded by receiving a special DEWESoft PRO training T-shirt with a star for every 10 finished courses.

And what's the best ... it's free of charge! Sign up today at DEWESoft PRO training.

And we have some exciting news for all existing DEWESoft PRO training users.

We have upgraded the DEWESoft PRO training portal in order to fully integrate in into our website and make it even better, much more user friendly and much more compatible with mobile devices. Things you should know when using the new PRO training:

  • All the user accounts and scores from old training portal were transferred to the new one
  • Passwords from all the users, that didn’t have user account on our web page got reset. Your new password is ‘’dewesoftpro’'. You can change this password here:
  • You can see/edit your profile on the bottom of PRO training’s main page
  • We've added public leader-board. All the users are by default shown on the public leader-board. If you don’t want to be seen there, please update your profile and tick off "I want to be seen on PRO training's public leaderboards".
  • For every 10th finished course, a congratulations window will pop out. Please don’t forget to fill in your T-shirt size and Shipping address:)
  • With the launch of new PRO training portal we had some issues with sending PRO training shirts. If you still didn’t receive your shirt, you will receive it in couple of days.

Enjoy in our NEW DEWESoft PRO training!

Your PRO training team

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2015 DEWESoft USA User's Meeting

Posted on 21.07.2015

Hello DEWESoft Users,

This years DEWESoft Users Meeting is just around the corner August 25th thru the 27th! Make sure you have your spot reserved Today.

Again this is an Users meeting for users to present their projects and mastery of DEWESoft. However, there will be several advanced training sessions and breakout sessions that can be attended by all.

Please signup as soon as possible and notify us if you would like to be a presenter. Presenters do not have to pay the registration fee as a thank you.

You can download our meeting schedule/registration from either link below:

  1. From Dropbox Click Here...
  2. From MailChimp Click Here...

Your DEWESoft Team

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DEWESoft X2 SP3 released

Posted on 03.07.2015

DEWESoft X2 SP3 is the latest innovation in data acquisition software from DEWESoft. Available as a free upgrade for all DEWESoft X. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware.

The new enhancements include:

Grand View

Enhanced freeze mode (GRANDview) allows user to review stored data from start of measurement without interrupting data acquisition and storing process. User is able to zoom into any region of data already stored on disk during the measurement and review any type of signal including video, which makes (long term) measurements easier to manage.

CAN offline decoding

Acquire raw CAN traffic and do everything else later in analyse. Load dbc in analyse mode or update it with merge option if new version is available. Scan bus for all stored messages or add new messages manually. Add new signals, change scaling...

Campbell diagram

Visualisation of 3 dimensional values on a single plane, mostly used in Order tracking. Range of values is segmented in defined number of levels and each level is represented by a circle, whose radius and color depends on level's index; bigger values are represented with larger circles and colors higher on the color map. For better analysis of data, cutoff of lower levels can be applied.

3D Graph cutoff

3D graph is now able to cutoff noise floor so that peaks are easier to see. Cutoff can be changed either in the left properties menu or by scrolling the mouse over Z axis.

Fatigue analysis

Fatigue Analysis toolbox represents a powerful fatigue analysis solution covering fatigue analysis stages from preprocessing and cycle counting to visualization and data export. Preprocessing tools include turning points filter, rainflow filter and discretization filter. Cycle counting methods support Rainflow counting (compliant with ASTM E 1049-85) and Markov counting. Visualization tools include range histograms, from-to matrices and range-mean matrices.


  • XY cursor in video visual control
  • 2D graph marker buttons improvement
  • Ability to show filename without folder in Input visual control
  • DC component added to Harmonic FFT graph


  • ‘Order FFT vs. time' channel added to Order tracking
  • Shortcut for adding math instruments of same type (+ tab)


  • Krypton-STG supported
  • DS-CLOCKv2 supported
  • SIRIUS-STGMv3-L2B10f connector added
  • Sirius-E and Krypton work together on the same EtherCAT port
  • Ethercat devices detection of unsupported hardware/firmware
  • Sirius-CD/-HS watchdog timer
  • DS-CAN2 and DS-CAN8 IRIG synchronization
  • CMR, RTCMv2, RTCMv3 supported for Topcon RTK rover
  • Advanced hardware debug channels added (SyncError, IRIGTime, VCXO values…)
  • AO control channels for Sirius-HD with AO module supported
  • Sirius-E stability and performance improved


  • Include subdirectories file search in File Manager Block
  • Sensor balance function in Action block added
  • New command for changing window state (normal, minimized, maximized) in the action item added


  • Counters invert lines (source, aux, gate) according to settings from angle sensor
  • Option to enable auto popup of warning/error dialog
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes

To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.

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DEWESoft X2 SP2 released

Posted on 05.06.2015

DEWESoft X2 SP2 is the latest innovation in data acquisition software from DEWESoft. Available as a free upgrade for all DEWESoft X. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware.

The new enhancements include:


  • MS XML engine replaced with propriety XML engine with libxml parser - data files load up to 10 times faster
  • New channels in system monitor added:
    • StoreMemoyUsed (size of store memory buffer used [MB])
    • USBMemUsed (USB buffer used parameter[%])
  • Multithreaded function generator
  • Control channels directly implemented in DEWESoft -> User Inputs
  • New language support (PO files), for now fully supported:
    • Slovenian
    • German
    • French
  • Sirius-HS: analog out added (up to 200kHz)
  • Different analog output rate and analog input sample rate
  • Search box in "formula math" with support for standard DEWESoft keywords, channel names, and descriptions
  • DEWESoft USB devices: added back sample rate divider on sync connector (Res pin)
  • Search in settings added
  • Notify user if restart is needed after changing settings
  • Highlight settings section if unable to exit settings
  • Search box in "formula math" with support for standard DEWESoft keywords, channel names and descriptions
  • New advanced settings: CAN acknowledge mode by default


  • Graph2D redesigned interactions (markers, zoom,...)
  • Digital meter: binary number display type added
  • GPS sync for Sirius/DW43 and DS-CAM supported
  • Offline overlay text in visual controls
  • Input VC improvements: new types (checkbox, dropdown), improved interaction
  • CAN interface rework (new features added like sort, search, multiselect, grid customizing...)
  • Sequencer:
  • Create a copy of sequence for test cases
  • Publish LoadDisplaySetup DCOM function for the Sequencer


  • Custom variable names in Matlab export
  • Export multiple data files to a single FlexPro file
  • CAN: Complete bus setup Export/Import added (to XML) with merge option available on Import


  • Cepstrum analysis finalized and removed from correlation


  • SIRIUS-STGMv3 module added

… and many more features, new drivers and plug-ins. To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.

The version 7 of DEWESoft supporting third-party hardware has been stopped in development but will be maintained further for the next years. Please visit our homepage and get the last released version of DEWESOFT v7.1.2 for free.Please contact our local DEWESoft representatives and partners for support on both products.

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DEWESoft X2 SP1 released

Posted on 23.03.2015

DEWESoft X2 SP1 is the latest innovation in data acquisition software from DEWESoft. Available as a free upgrade for all DEWESoft X customers. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware.

The new enhancements include:

  • up to 10 times faster graphics
  • up to 4 times faster mathematics
  • up to 10 times faster reaction loop time (5 msec reaction on alarms and events)
  • file merge in post processing
  • new application and math manager
  • new VIDEO acquisition also supports compressed Video H.264
  • new settings screen, device manager with auto-detection of hardware
  • improved system monitor
  • enhanced data post processing
  • new FFT Analyser, fatigue analysis, tracking filter
  • energy calculation in power module
  • new hardware support (Krypton TH, LV, Sirius HD ACC, HS CHG)
  • TEDS smart sensor interface improvement (password protection)

… and many more features, new drivers and plug-ins. To learn more about DEWESoft X2 please visit the DEWESoft X2 product web page.

The version 7 of DEWESoft supporting third party hardware has been stopped in development but will be maintained further for the next years. Please visit our homepage and get the last released version of DEWESOFT v7.1.2 for free.

Please contact our local DEWESoft representatives and partners for support on both products.

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DEWESoft becomes certified ISO 14001 company

Posted on 21.01.2015

We are really proud to announce that we have just become a certified TÜV SÜD ISO 14001 company.

ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations

  1. minimize how their operations (processes, etc.) negatively affect the environment (i.e., cause adverse changes to air, water, or land);
  2. comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and 
  3. continually improve in the above.

14001 is a nice addition to the already established ISO 9001 quality management certificate awarded in 2014.

ISO 9001 certificate
ISO 14001 certificate
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Siemens S7 plugin for Dewesoft

Posted on 12.12.2014

We have developed Siemens S7 plugin for Dewesoft. The plugin communicates with Siemens PLC devices via Siemens S7 protocol and allows storing PLC data directly to Dewesoft. Flexible plugin architecture allows reading/writing from/to multiple PLC devices simultaneously. For more information contact our support team.

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It's time for next Worldwide Measurement Conference

Posted on 25.11.2014

Dear DEWESoft partners and customers,

We would like to formally invite you to 2015 Worldwide Measurement Conference, that will be held in new Congress Hotel Thermana Park Laško in Slovenia, from April 13th – 17th. 

Just for you we have prepared New technologies presentations, DEWESoft X2 and plugins trainings, different application sessions, hands on trainings and workshops, one-on-one meetings with developers that will answer all your questions, open discussion forums about methods and technologies and many application presentations from our valuable customers. 

Don’t wait and apply today! The number of participants is limited. 

For any additional information regarding your application and conference please visit or contact us at MC2015.

Don't forget: Close cooperation brings great success! 

That’s why apply today and join us on our next measurement conference and spend some great time with us.

Your DEWESoft team

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2015 product catalog

Posted on 20.10.2014

We are pleased to anounce new 2015 DEWESoft products catalog. The latest issue of the catalog brings complete guide to DEWESoft instruments, software and solutions including new SIRIUS and KRYPTON line of instruments.

You can download PDF catalog from our website, view and interactive online version or order a hard-copy from your closest local dealer.

For any additional products inquiries or questions please contact local dealer or contact us directly.

Product higlights

  • SIRIUS R8D - High channel count with high brightness 17” FULL HD display with multi touch functionality.
  • SIRIUS R2D - Portable SIRIUS solution with up to 32 channels, any combination of available SIRIUS amplifiers.
  • SIRIUS R3 - 19” rack solution with up to 48 chanels and integrated PC with PCI / PCIe cards expandability.
  • New DUAL CORE and HIGH SPEED amplifiers for all SIRIUS form factor instruments.
  • KRYPTON - EtherCat industrial distributed modules. IP67 dust, shock and waterproof. -40 - 85 deg. C operating range.
  • DS-DISP-12 - 12'' industrial grade multi-touch display with 1280x800 HD resolution and rugged housing.
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DEWESoft X1 SP4 released

Posted on 17.03.2014

We have released Dewesoft X1 SP4. You can download it from the Support > Download section.

Since there are many questions about different versions of Dewesoft, please let us explain the differences.

Dewesoft company offers directly and through the strategic partners two versions of the software: Dewesoft 7 and Dewesoft X. Both versions are available in stable releases.

Dewesoft X is a version which will be developed further with new features, but it is closely related to specific hardware as it uses many features build in its firmware and can therefore operate only on Dewesoft instruments using Dewesoft DAQ cards. We are developing X2 with many exciting new features, available this autumn as a free upgrade for existing Dewesoft X customers.

Dewesoft 7, made for third party DAQ cards (like Dewetron Orion and Trion, National Instruments, Spectrum, Data Translation) will not get new features, but will be supported if any potential issues are found.

Auxiliary devices (like video cameras, GPS receivers, automotive and aerospace bus interfaces, telemetry cards, Ch10 recorders) can be used with both versions.

Some new features in Dewesoft X1 SP4:

- USB Dongle support (for licensing)

- Basic Statistics recalculation on zoomed area only

- Added 1uPa level for measurement of sound under water

- Dewesoft GPS new features (base station position settings, Internal/External antenna setting, high dynamic acceleration mode)

- Password protected sequencer files

- CApv graph polythropic line

- FAMOS export: option to export to one file added

- SIRIUS-HS-HV module added

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DEWESoft X1 SP3 released

Posted on 06.01.2014

We have released Dewesoft X1 SP3. You can download it from the Support > Download section.

Third service pack mainly includes bug fixes, but also some new features like reading temperature and CPU load on S-BOX during measurement. We recommend the upgrade.

We wish you all the best in the New year!

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DEWESoft X1 SP2 released

Posted on 13.11.2013

We have released Dewesoft X1 SP2. You can download it from the download page. If you want to be notified automatically when new version is released, please use "Subscribe" option.

Second service pack mainly includes bug fixes, but also some new features like support for Sirius HD. We recommend the upgrade.

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Dewesoft on Automotive Testing Expo 2013 and ITC/USA 2013

Posted on 15.10.2013

You are kindly invited to visit us on upcoming fair shows in the USA:

Automotive Testing Expo 2013

Visit us at the Automotive Testing Expo 2013, Booth 11027 to see the latest in Data Acquisition technology. The Testing Expo 2013 takes place in Michigan from October 22. - October 24, 2013.

Dewesoft is here to solve your data acquisition needs:

  • Analog input for any sensor.
  • Analog output for signal conditioning and control.
  • Digital input for counters, tacho and encoders.
  • Digital output for control.
  • Along with GPS, syncronized VIDEO and CAN data.
  • Dual 24-bit A/D per channel on some units.
  • Rugged and sealed models, ideal for outdoor testing.
  • Channel counts ranging from 4 up to 1000's.
  • Up to 1Mhz sample rate. Can be syncronized with slower channels.

ITC/USA 2013

Visit us at ITC/USA 2013 to see the latest in Data Monitoring and Displaying. The Testing Expo 2013 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 21. - October 24, 2013.

Dewesoft is here to solve your data acquisition needs:

  • Telemetry Display & Analysis Software
  • Chapter 10 Ethernet Interface
  • Process all Chapter 10 data types:
    PCM Data,
    Analog Data
    Video Streams
    Mil-STF-1553 & ARINC 429
    Ethernet Channels
    RS-232 Channels.

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Dewesoft X1 SP1 released

Posted on 23.07.2013

We have released Dewesoft X1 SP1. You can download it from the download page. First service pack mainly includes bug fixes, but also some new features like support for Sirius HS.

We recommend the upgrade.
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Dewesoft Measurement Conference 2013

Posted on 12.06.2013

We would like to formally invite you to Dewesoft's Measurement conference on August 6th - 9th. The conference will be held at Dewesoft's headquarters in Trbovlje, Slovenia.

We have prepared three days of intensive training covering different topics and also presentations of Dewesoft's new products.

This will be a great opportunity for you to get in depth information from our specialists, and also a great chance for us to receive your valuable feedback regarding our work, products and services.

Please contact for further details and travel information. We can arrange transportation from/to airport if needed. We will also handle hotel reservations (Hotel Rimske Toplice) and the logistics around the event.

Please visit event home page for detailed information about the conference:
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Dewesoft X released

Posted on 10.04.2013

We are proud to present the first version of DewesoftX.

Dewesoft software was always limited by the hardware it supported. To overcome this limitation, we have created very innovative line of instruments called Dewesoft Instruments.

With Dewesoft Instruments we got for the first time in history a chance to create a perfect fit between software and hardware. As Dewesoft Instruments were made only for Dewesoft software, Dewesoft X is only working together with Dewesoft Instruments giving users totally integrated solution for most demanding test&measurements tasks.

Please look at introduction video for more information:

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Dewesoft 7.0.5 released

Posted on 27.09.2012

We have released new Dewesoft 7.0.5. installer. You can download it from the download page. Dewesoft 7.0.5 release mainly fixes issues, but there are as usual some new features as well:

  • New basic statistics. Added sample/time base option, array channels support, median and sum calculation.
  • CA math: new knocking algorithm
  • CAN output implemented in basic Dewesoft (free of charge) new Dewemote support (display of arbitrary displays...).
  • Support for NI PXI cards (4496,4498,4461 and combinations).
  • Vector CANCardXLe supported
  • Implementation of NTP timing in Generic Timing (without AD card).
  • Added option to Disable amplifier
  • Horizontal scroll bar in tab control.
  • ASCII option added to tabular values display.
  • Video control zooming and panning.
  • Check box for show CAN channels in file info frame.
  • 2D Graph - ability to hide Y axis in "single values axis" mode.
  • xml setup allows loading display setup from external setup files.
  • Famos export with async interpolatio.
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Dewesoft - Dewetron partnership

Posted on 10.07.2012

Dewesoft and Dewetron were always independent companies and are successfully collaborating for more than 10 years. We have worked together ont the top of the line measurement solutions which are widely accepted by the customers all over the world.

Both companies are producing independent hardware lines which are mostly complementary, but in some cases also competitive. These products are sold through different sales channels on available markets. This gives the customer additional selection of quality hardware solution. Independent of that Dewesoft and Dewetron continue to work together on the Dewesoft software which is the major engine for both platforms.
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Dewesoft USA created

Posted on 20.03.2012

After opening Dewesoft offices in Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and India, we are very happy to announce that we opened a direct Dewesoft office in the USA.

We have realized that the full potential of the award winning Dewesoft software can be unleashed only in the combination with our own designed hardware. After successful start with DS-43, DS-Minitaur and DS-NET we are introducing new data acquisition product family called SIRIUS. When we started to design it we had a similar vision when we started to develop Dewesoft software.

SIRIUS has so many innovations in it that it outperforms everything available on the market today. Together with Dewesoft software it creates perfect solution. Everything from mechanics, electronics, firmware and software must be backed up with good local services and support. This together provides a total solution for your data acquisition challenges. Creating Dewesoft USA was an important step, because we have always built our solutions in close cooperation with you, our valuable customers.

Dewesoft office will help to get direct access to our sales, support and development teams. We will do our best to support your applications and serve your needs. For more information, please contact:
  • Andrew Nowicki, president of Dewesoft US
    Phone: +1-419-574-8599
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Dewemote 2.0 for iOS released

Posted on 15.02.2012

We are proud to annouce that Dewemote 2.0 for iOS is released and is now available as a free download in app stores around the world. Dewemote is a remote control application for controling measurement instruments running an award winning data acquisition and data processing software package Dewesoft. Dewemote 2.0 is completely rewritten from the bottom up for better performance, user interface and overall feel. Dewemote 2.0 works an all iOS devices including iPAD!

Dewemote 2.0 features:
  1. Universal app, will work on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  2. File transfers. You can now transfer Dewesoft files (setup, sequence and data file) between Dewesoft and Dewemote directly from within app. You can download files from measurement unit to remote control and vice versa. Super useful feature for mobile applications.
  3. iTunes file transfer: for faster file transfers you can use iTunes and USB cable to transfer files between measurement unit and remote control.
  4. Improved user interface, completely rewritten and redesigned to be more user friendly.
  5. Support for different Dewesoft displays. You can select which display to see on the remote control.
  6. Multi-device control! You can control multiple devices at the same time. Dewemote 2.0 comes with a handy dashboard where you see multiple devices at the same tame. Select one to control it.
You can grab your copy from the App store.
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Matlab examples updated

Posted on 06.02.2012

We have updated Matlab DCOM and ActiveX examples. New updates affect:
  • loading data files (using DWDatareader and directly from Dewesoft),
  • retrieving live data from Dewesoft during measurement,
  • event handling and showing Dewesoft form in a Matlab window.
Go to support page - developers section to download new examples.
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64 bit DWDataReader

Posted on 06.02.2012

We have released new 64 bit DWDatareader.dll. Now it is possible to use data reader from 64 bit applications. It is available in download section.
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Dewesoft 7.0.4 released

Posted on 18.01.2012

We have released Dewesoft version 7.0.4. You can download the installer and/or executable file from the download section. Beside removing many unwanted features we have added lots of new (wanted) features:

  • Added DS-CAN2 device support.
  • CAN termination support.
  • Support for 4 ports in test CAN (important for offline setup).
  • 33.3 kBs speed added.
  • CAN output added in basic software (no need to use plugins anymore).
  • GPS timing supported for systems with no AD cards.
  • Merging of licenses (important for systems with embedded licenses - DS-43, DS-NET).
  • J1939 improvements (importing of standard libraries, source decoding).
  • Added various AD card support.
  • Added open RS-232 plugin.
  • Arinc/1553 AltaDT hardware support.
  • Flexray Vector support.
  • Support for laser tape sensors in counters.
  • Analog CDM sensor support.
  • autospectrum, crosspectrum, autocorrelation, crosscorelatioin, coherence, cepstrum math.
  • CPB block calculation.
  • True octave CPB calculation.
  • Power module features: (10 ms period values, symetrical components out of period values, Z and Sk parameter for current flicker, DU and DUMax output from flicker).
  • Combustion analyzer: New code in heat release for start of combustion on direct injection engines.
  • Classification improvements (overlap, running mode).
  • Statistic time of MIN, time of MAX .
  • Math modules are automatically creating standard displays math templates
  • Recorder draws asynchronous channels much faster (major speed improvement for DS NET).
  • Improvement of 2D graph (more scaling functions, axis improvements, copy to clipboard, drawing of complex channels).
  • Improvement of 3d Graph (rainbow palette added, cursor measurement).
  • Copy all data to clipboard from DMM.
  • Tabular display improvement (resizable columns, copy to clipboard).
  • Added Q factor in FFT.
  • Distance measurement on GPS screen.
  • Dual cursor on XY display.
  • Automatic overload display.
  • Splitters in file list view.
  • Export of complex channels.
  • Support for new Matlab DLLs.
  • Export for 2^20 rows for Matlab 2007 or newer.
  • Function to compress the file after measurement (to D7Z) to save space.
  • Multipage printout of channel list.
  • Support for Astromed endless printing.
  • Improvements for sequencer (see sequencer manual).
  • SI units editor.
  • Data manager plugin added to manage data files (copy to ftp, for example...).
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Dewesoft 10 year anniversary

Posted on 01.09.2011

Dewesoft celebrated it's 10th birthay with a special event on Monday, August 29. We have gather together with company employees and special guests and partners from around the world. The event was held in Kulturni center Delavski Dom in Trbovlje with a special program, press conference and introduction of new generation of measurement instruments SIRIUS.

Past 10 years have been really special and successful for us, thanks to YOU. We will continue to work hard to make the best test and measurement solutions on the market. Dewesoft software, recognized as a Swiss army knife in test and measurement filed, will continue to lead in the test and measurement software with innovation and ease-of-use. As well as total integration with our innovative measurement instruments.

See some pictures from our special 10 year anniversary event.
Thank you for your trust, yours Dewesoft team.
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Introducing SIRIUS - the next generation measurement instrument

Posted on 01.09.2011

We are proud to introduce launch of the new generation measurement instrument SIRIUS. SIRUS is next generation DAQ system which can connect virtually any signal and any sensor! Amplifiers for strain, voltage, temperature, high-voltage, and more. are available. You name it, SIRIUS can definitely handle it.

Sampling rate is up to 200kS/s per channel.
And that's not all. SIRIUS is designed to be scalable, flexible and modular. You can configure anything from 1 channel up to 1000 channels and more. You can choose from pre-built slices or build completely customized skuce, where you can select each individual amplifier. For more information and technical specification please visit SIRIUS product page.
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DWDataReader - new reference implementations are available

Posted on 12.05.2011

We added VBA and Matlab code examples how to use DWDataReader dll. You can download it from download section.
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Posted on 17.03.2011

Please check out our Dewesoft software video promotion made by Kennedy Space Center Telemetry department. Video link
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DEWESoft 7.0.3 release

Posted on 23.02.2011

We have released a new update of our DEWESoft package - version 7.0.3.. There are several imporant improvement in this release:
  • context sensitive user's manual (press F1);- multiple CAN interfaces (ability to mix different CAN hardware in the same system);
  • ESC cancels offline calculation;
  • FFT filter improvement (low pass, high pass, custom with internal or external clock);
  • templates in mathematics (to recall standard settings - like filters, for example)
  • PCM encoder for long distance data transmittion;
  • FLIR thermovision support (A series, SC series);
  • free of charge config mode to configure amplifiers;
  • Differential info channel added for GPS;
  • WAAS/EGNOS support for Topcon GPS;
  • true octave CPB analysis in analyse mode;
  • improvements in data header and global variables;
  • Transfer functin (FRF) now supports moving excitation/multiple responses;
  • 3D graph improvements (better scaling, cursors added, axis values text shown also vertical, time in seconds)
  • 2D graph improvements (graph markers, persistence mode);
  • support of hex raw values in numerical displays;
and lots of other small updates and bug fixes. All exisiting V7 users can download it free of charge from download section.
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Dewesoft jackets and polo shirts available for order

Posted on 28.01.2011

You can now order DEWESoft 7 Polo Shirts and Dewesoft soft-shell jackets from online store. Various sizes available.

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Credit card payments in Dewesoft online store

Posted on 24.11.2010

We are now accepting credit card payments for all products in our online store. At the moment we only support two credit card types: VISA and EUROCARD/MASTERCARD.
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DEWESoft 7.0.2 released

Posted on 15.10.2010

We have released the second upgrade to our data measurement and processing software DEWESoft 7 - DEWESoft 7.0.2. There are several important improvements in this release:
  • XCP on Ethernet support for ECU data acquisition;
  • Flexray interface – 10 MBaud vehicle interface which has a potential to replace CAN (Vector VN7600 hardware interface is supported);
  • telemetry encoder for Tarsus card (ability to TRANSMIT any channel through PCM stream from aircraft or moving vehicle over long distances up to 33 MBit/sec);
  • Support for USB logging of DS NET;
  • Importing DS NET logged files directly in Dewesoft;
  • FRF/NMT included in Dewesoft: the old V6 FRF is now fully merged in basic Dewesoft including geometry editor and modal circle calculator. Additionally normal mode analysis function is added;
  • SRS in Dewesoft: added like a math plugin to perform shock response spectrum in analysis;
  • Envelope detection: math procedure to detect ball bearing faults;
  • Continuous printing: to print the data on continuous printer – even though data can be zoomed in and analysed perfectly in Dewesoft, there were many requests to add this feature (set the printing borders to zero and add only one recorder in the display to get the printer to print from border to border – then choose multipage);
  • Change analog scale in analyse mode: a long wanted feature to be able to change the scaling factor for analog and other channels in analyse;
  • Data file locking: on the other side there are customers who don't want their files to be altered, for them we have added the ability to lock the files either with password or permanent;
  • Improved the visibility of Acquisition-Analysis buttons;
  • Ability to quickly add simple math in analyse: this is a great feature that in analyse mode you cna right click on the channel in the channel selector and add to quickly add the filter, statistic calculation...;
  • String channels - DEWESoft can now handle also pure string channels, like NMEA strings in GPS;
  • Ability to add/rescale different images on screen;
  • True octave CPB analysis: if you are using CPB spectrum, you simply have to try the new one – the difference in real time is huge, now you can really SEE your vibration or microphone;
  • FFT with arbitrary size: FFTs are not limited anymore to 2^n, but can have any number of lines (like 1000, 4000 or 3514). Function is hidden in FFT setup, you can enter the number of lines manually;
  • Custom math can be enabled or disabled in Hardware setup-math;
  • Aerospace artificial horizon display;
  • 2D graph update to show FFT and other array channels;
  • Faster XML structure: The new XML is great, but V7.0 and 7.0.1 was quite slow – now it is optimized and much faster, which is especially important at files with large channel count;
  • and lots of smaller updates and bug fixes.
To download DEWESoft 7.0.2, please go to our download section.
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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport on test by Top Gear crew supported by Dewesoft

Posted on 27.07.2010

The guys from BBC TV show Top Gear have just pushed the new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport car to the limits. They confirmed that Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is currently the worlds fastest production car. The Top Gear crew performed test with a help from Dewesoft GPS hardware (VGPS) and Dewesoft software in order to precisely measure speed on the new Bugatti Veyron.

Please follow this link on Youtube for full video of the test.
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DEWESoft 7.0.1 released

Posted on 01.06.2010

We have released the first upgrade to our data measurement and processing software Dewesoft . Dewesoft 7.0.1 brings more stability as well as some major new enhancement and functionalities. Here are the few:
  • DAQP THERM, MULTI support,
  • Dewe43 sync,
  • automatic registration for DS43, 101 and DS NET,
  • copy/paste of amplifier properties,
  • offline amplifiers support,
  • error/warning/hint message list for amplifiers is shown at load setup,
  • ADLink frame grabber support,
  • control channels (function generator, DS NET),
  • control channels can be operated from sequencer,
  • copy and paste of math,
  • batch recalculation in analyse,
  • printout of cursor values,
  • array channel export,
  • input visual controls (button, slider, turn knob...) for Dewesoft events and control channels,
  • SRS, FRF included in Dewesoft, circle fit for FRF,
  • brand new normal mode testing math,
  • envelope detection,
  • polygon plugin,
  • library for IMPORTING Dewesoft files in other packages,
  • and more.
To download Dewesoft 7.0.1, please follow this link.
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Dewesoft and DEWE-43 receives PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award from NASA Tech Briefs magazine

Posted on 14.04.2010

We are very proud to announce that our product DS-43 received a Product of the year award from a very respected publication - NASA Tech Briefs.

DS-43, an ultra portable USB instrument, was a winner among product from high profile companies like National Instruments, Autodesk, Honeywell and others. DS-43 got more votes that all other contenders together, which makes this win even more valuable.

NASA Tech Briefs is a monthly magazine features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems. Authored by the engineers or scientists who did the work, the briefs span a wide array of fields, including electronics, physical sciences, materials, computer software, mechanics, machinery/automation, manufacturing/fabrication, mathematics/information sciences, and life sciences.

Learn more about DS-43.
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DEWESoft 7 released

Posted on 05.01.2010

We are proud to pronounce the final release of Dewesoft 7. Years of experience in test and measurement filed and endless effort of our engineers around the globe have gave us critical input for the next major Dewesoft release. After years of testing and development, the Dewesoft 7 is finally here. You can download DEWESoft 7 demo in download section.
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Dewesoft provided critical data at NASA's ARES I-X rocket launch

Posted on 10.11.2009

Dewesoft software was in the heart of NASA's new ARES I-X rocket flight test. NASA successfully processed the Development Flight Instrumentation (DFI) data streams along with the Operational Flight Instrumentation data stream (OFI) from the ARES I-X rocket. Dewesoft software provided critical data from these streams, to the Firing Room via Dewesoft NET. NASA engineers were pleased with the data provided to them.
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DS-43 receives NASA's Tech Brief product of the month award

Posted on 08.10.2009

DS-43 has been selected as a Product of the Month by the important NASA publication - NASA Tech Briefs. DS-43 will be featured on the cover page of the magazine. You can read entire article over here.

With this award, DS-43 also automatically became a contender for the "Product of the year" award by the same publication.
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Psophometer plugin now available for Dewesoft software

Posted on 24.07.2009

Psophometer is a DEWESoft plugin for measuring noise in telephone circuits. Psophometric weighting filters conform to internationally agreed characteristics laid down in CCITT 1951, CCITT P53. For more information please contact you local sales representative. Find your local dealer in our contact page.
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New plugin for Ballard devices. Now supports ARINC429 and MIL-STD-1553 standard

Posted on 17.07.2009

We have upgraded our plugin for Ballard devices. Plugin for Ballard devices can now handle multiple ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 data-buses with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can capture filter, display and record data-bus traffic and more. It offers extensive possibilities to convert binary data to user recognizable format. Quickly build transmit schedules and create transmit on click messages. Plugin features intuitive and easy to use interface. There are also extra features like auto scanning and complete data-bus traffic recording and replay without hardware.
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Dewesoft 6.6 released

Posted on 21.11.2008

A new version of Dewesoft (6.6) is available. Some of the major changes in Dewesoft 6.6. are:
  • new counter interface,
  • Dewe-USB support,
  • DeweDSA support,
  • improvements with Orion drivers and Orion functions (e.g. ADClock Out),
  • all drivers got updated for newer devices, ...
Be sure to check the full release notes in download section. The new version can be downloaded free of charge for all customers with 6.x license of Dewesoft from the download page.
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DTA Allience - Driveability Testing Alliance

Posted on 11.08.2008

Dewetron, Kistler, Genesys, Corrsys Datron and TUV formed the DTA alliance to offer automotive customer a turnkey solution for drivability testing. To prove the solution, a car was bought and equipped with torque wheels, speed sensors, gyro platform, accelerometers, distance sensors, CAN bus and video channel.

Dewesoft software ties all those devices together and acquires data synchronous from all the devices, providing excellent base for drivability testing. Standard analysis of braking, evasion test, steady circle test, curve braking, sinus taste and others can be easily performed from this data set.

For more information, please check the application note found in Applications – Automotive – Data recording or visit DTA Allience official web site at
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NASA telemetry recording

Posted on 16.06.2008

NASA placed two large contracts to deliver 25 Dewetron DEWE-901 data acquisition systems with 32 analog inputs and a software interface for a PCM interface card and the SCRAMNet interface card.

After months of development, testing and qualifications, the systems are in place and working. Right now all the space shuttle and other NASA missions are monitored with Dewesoft using digital and analog telemetry.

For more information, please check the application note under Applications – Aerospace – Data recording.
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Dewesoft 6.5.1 released

Posted on 18.02.2008

A new version of Dewesoft is available. It includes: - the driver for new Orion 1624 and some minor updates, - enhancement to combustion analysis (temperature calculation..); - user manual with installation guide and hardware setup guide and - lots of minor updates. The new version can be downloaded free of charge for all customers with 6.x license of Dewesoft from the download section.
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Mythbusters are putting myths to the test with a help from DEWESoft

Posted on 12.02.2008

Who doesn't know Adam and Jamie also known as Mythbusters? The famous experiment duo recently turned for a help to DEWESoft in order to put on of the myths to the test. DEWESoft was successfully used to measure a precise signal from a load cell which helped them analyze the problem and of course bust another myth. Check the clip below where masters behind the experiment read and analyze the data from sensors in DEWESoft!

Mythbusters - Copyright © 2008 Discovery Communications, LLC.
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New Web page

Posted on 04.02.2008

The new Dewesoft web page is launched today. The main intention of this page is trying to provide all information to our existing and new customers and help them to succesfully perform their measurements. We will give basic information about the software, desribe application areas, upload some nice videos and data files to look at. There will be also pages for support with download of the latest released versions, add ons and plugins, special exports and so on. Manuals will be available online in form of HTML help or as PDFs, we will also offer training videos. Quite often the support questions are asked several times. We will answer them in the future on FAQ section of the web page. We are improving software all the time. There are lots of demands from the customers that they would like to be informed better about the new features. Since most of these new features and updates are free of charge for our existing customers, these information might be very valuable. The news will be available as newsletters, so please register to get full access to the page and receive news about our product. Yours Dewesoft team
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