Applications overview


Automotive overview
On-road testing Brake Test, Pass by Noise, Vehicle Dynamics, ADAS and Drive Machine Monitoring, Lighting, Equipment
Durability testing Road Load Data, Stress-Strain Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, DSA possibilities
Power train and E-Mobility Combustion Analysis, Rotation and Vibration, E-Mobility, Power Measurement possibilities
Extreme environment testing Environmental Testing, Component and Material Performance Assessments
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Power & Energy

Power Analyzer overview
Power Analysis Motor, Inverter, Transformer, Standby-Power, Lighting, Equipment
E-Mobility Electric Vehicle, Electric Motorcycle, Hybrid Testing, Hydrogen Testing,
Battery Testing,
Charging Analysis
Power Quality Analysis Smart Grid & Energy Management,
Power Quality Analysis,
Renewable Energy Testing
Power System Testing Railway Testing,
Aircraft Testing,
Marine Testing
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Power brochure - English

Dynamic Signal Analysis

Dynamic Signal Analysis overview
Noise & Vibration Recorder, FFT Analyser, Global Level, Octave Band Analysis, FFT Waterfall
Rotating Machinery Order Tracking, Torsional Vibration, Balancing, Multi-Domain, Cepstrum, Auto & Cross Correlation, Bearing Fault, Orbit
Structural Analysis Modal Analysis, Impact Test, Function Generator, Large Structures, Shock & Drop Tests, Short-Time FFT, Bump Test, Human Body Vibrations
Acoustic Analysis Sound Level,
Sound Power,
Pass by Noise
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General Test & Measurement

Coming soon.

Aerospace & Defence

Flight testing, Engine and component testing, Wind tunnel testing, PCM telemetry, Chapter 10, Performance testing

Civil Engineering

Data recording, Dynamic Signal Analysis, Distributed data acquisition, Bridge monitoring

Application notes

Sound power

Measure sound power with DEWESoft X and SIRIUS 8xACC

Crane measurement

Easy measurement setup on big vehicles

Brake test on tractors

An effective solution for a quick validation of braking parameters in the field..

Vehicle Dynamics

Development of a vehicle dynamics test solution

Vibe testing

Viblso vibration isolating rack for SIRIUSwe instruments

Modal test

Modal test of water turbine


Measurement of an electric motorcycle during real driving

OMA analysis

Operational modal analysis (OMA) on a Concorde airplane.


Snow bike frame load test

Power quality

Efficiency and Power Quality Analysis on a LED lamps

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