Aerospace & Defense applications

Flight testing

Flight test encompasses a broad range of aerospace related activities. Dewesoft is used both inside aircraft to collect data locally, as well as on the ground in large scale facilities where data is collected, or even a van instrumented with communications array and state of the art recording equipment.

You will find us in all of these locations, often arranged in a network and remote control topology due to the sheer number of channels, and the need to synchronize the data from all of them. We can do this via IRIG, or even by GPS using our proprietary GPS-CLOCK for precise global time sync of any number of data acquisition systems.

Engine and component testing

Dewesoft is in use testing jet and turboprop engines used in aircraft, spacecraft, and basically anything that flies. From the Predator drone to the space shuttle, and everything in between, including experimental engine technologies under development right now. The high quality of analog data combined with vast amount of mathematics analysis proves to be the key factor.

Already automotive industry is very strict on component testing, but aerospace industry is even more demanding. The components and system must undertake severe tests before they are built in the vehicles.

Wind tunnel testing

Dewesoft is used with all major types of wind tunnels, from subsonic through trans, super, and even hypersonic (5 x the speed of sound). Our ability to record video AND data at the same time are incredibly useful in these important tests, as is the wide range of physical measurement sensors and signals that the system can accept.

PCM telemetry

Digital telemetry interface is one of the many ad-dons for Dewesoft. We support PCM Tarsus card from Ulyssix adding great features of acquiring and decoding data from this card. Not only that we can decode several thousand channels from this interface, we also support software sync streams and FFI decoding. The data are again perfectly synchronized with the use of IRIG to the analog data and video streams.

Learn more about Dewesoft PCM telemetry solutions

Performance testing

Vehicles need to be tested for performance as in any other industry. As we are checking the highest speed and acceleration for the cars we buy, the air-crafts or military vehicles are checked for performance. With the wide ability of inputs, adding GPS and video, Dewesoft has perfect tools for this job.

Structural testing

Our acquisition devices provides the perfect base for data acquisition of vibration, shock and strain data. With Dewesoft software mathematical modules for PSD, FRF, torsional vibration, order tracking and multichannel function generator the system is like a Swiss knife for dynamic signal analysis. Dewesoft offers proves solution from four channels to perform simple tests to thousands of channels measuring the dynamic behavior of satellites.


Frequency analysis is a big issue in acoustics. Octave and fractional octave bands are used for this in most cases. DS MOD DSA provides an extensive choice of tools for frequency analysis, where all weighting functions for time and frequency weighting are implemented. For complex acoustic analysis, advanced measurement tools are available in addition to the standard analysis tools.

Main features:

  • Real time narrow band FFT
  • 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 band octave spectrum
  • A, B, C and D-weighting (frequency weighting)
  • Fast, slow, impulse-weighting (time weighting)
  • Leq-calculation
  • Sound level meter

Post-processing features

  • FFT, octave analysis and weighting
  • Sound level meter
  • Sound power measurement

Dewesoft is used for testing all aspects of air, sea and spacecraft, and one of the most important system is the POWER itself. On larger vessels this is typically 400 Hz or even 800 Hz three-phase AC power. With Dewesoft software POWER software option, your system is a complete 3 phase analyzer capable of handling any base frequency within the network, up to 800 Hz and even beyond. These are powerful systems capable of calculating not just watts and vars, but the entire gamut of power quality values, including distortion, active, reactive, apparent power, THD, phase, and literally hundreds of parameters from each 3-phase system.

The second part is the software, which breathes life into the hardware. The POWER option for Dewesoft software adds a precision PLL that tracks the base frequency of the power with 0.001 Hz precision (yes, that's one milliHertz) in order to make the RMS and power calculations with the  exact same number of samples per period, regardless of the base frequency. Even variable frequency power networks are no problem for us. You simply can't do real power measurements without constantly monitoring and adjusting the effective sample rate based on the base frequency.

Recorder stacks

Even though we support vast amount of channels with one device, this is often not enough for complex vehicles like the Space Shuttle, therefore we can use Dewesoft NET to connect several recorders to act like one, adding together a tremendous amount of power for data acquisition and analysis. All the recorders can be operated from a single machine, which means setting up the system as well as starting and stopping them. The data can be than observed by any number of view clients.

Explosion and ammunition testing

Dewesoft transient recording solutions are widely used all over the world for explosion and ammunition testing. With hundreds of millions samples per second the systems are able to capture any transient event. The systems can be triggered externally with a digital line or on any analog channel. The analog cards can be operated at different speeds with different pre and post time, providing slower data for the longer time and high-speed acquisition for the event itself.

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