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So far we have OR conditions in alarm and trigger. Can we add and AND capability to our Start and Stop functions for Triggering and Alarms.

This is particularly important for the Alarm Stop/reset conditions: - It is quite sensible to have the Alarm start conditions OR’d, but if an alarm condition occurs and you then want to stop the alarm when the original alarm signal has returned to the correct level, there is no way to make sure that no other alarm condition has failed since the first alarm condition happened. So if the alarm stop/reset is OR’d, it could reset the alarm even though another alarm condition has occurred.

Ability to upgrade the system (software, plugins, drivers, firmware) over Internet.

For customer without Internet have the chance to download upgrade package which can upgrade the system offline.

Audio acquisition from camera with live and offline replay (if audio is embedded in video)...

- Implementation of “Sound intensity measurement on a grid”, also called “noise map”;

The sound intensity probe (has better directional characteristic than the standard microphone) is sequentially placed on the points of a grid, in the end you get a colored matrix result.

- Furthermore it should also be able to work 3-dimensional


I get more frequent request for sound intensity measurement, this particular customer is more interesting in acoustic camera.

Freeze mode should also work for scope visual control

Request is to have an option to print all displays to make a report. The display would act either as the online display or WYSIWYG page which can be zoomed in and out and printed as (multi) page on printer.

When creating setups without a real measurement hardware, it would be nice to "fake" all real hardware (AI-Channels, amplifiers, CNT-Channels(+Type), DI-Channels, CANPorts, AO .. well and the rest).

This would be done by importing a project (or a setup) stored on the measurement unit with connected hardware and importing it in simulation mode.

Better handling of axis and ticks - smarter automatic mode where the ticks would be put on rounded numbers and more choices in manual mode to tune the axis.

Axis type:

  • LIN
  • LOG
  • 0 dB scaling
  • ref dB scaling;

Scale type:

  • autoscale (from data);
  • rounded numbers;
  • manual.

Major division:

  • auto (rounded numbers);
  • exact number (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
  • exact divison (1V, 2V, 5V);
  • none.

Single value axis checkbox

The Bunary Universal File Format (.bunv) in one of more common file types and it has compression rate much better then the Universal Type 58 (.unv/ .uff). This is an openly published file format.
Can this be added to optional export file type?

The pdf with Bunary Universal File Format specs can be found here: \\iso\Temp\Attachments
To be able to allocate more than 2 GB memory, Dewesoft must become a true 64 bit application. Large channel systems sometimes hits this limit and need to be carefully tuned to be able to run within 2 GB memory space.
At the moment, it is only possible to define one pre/post time for all store trigger events.
It would be very useful to have different pre/post times for different store Triggers.

If you close Dewesoft after making a change to a setup, there is no

safety catch to ask if you are sure you want to exit without saving the


The idea is to have revision history of setups, similar to Google docs and you would be able to recall any of them.

Write to a plugin to export data to OpenOffice file format / alternative is to store to Excel .xlsx without having MS Excel installed

We need a circular buffer where only the last selectable time span is saved to the disk. For example, they will make measurements at high speed for hours. When they press stop button only the last 10 minutes is saved on the disk.


We need a dual mode of recording triggered and continuous at the same time, as follows:

1. DEWESoft is sitting in a triggered mode, waiting for a trigger event(s) to happen.
The trigger may or may not happen, of course - there is no way to predict
2. At the same time, Dewesoft stores to disk for perhaps up to an hour
So it could be many gigabytes of data - far too much for RAM

When the hour has elapsed, and there was no trigger event, then the big ring buffer is cleared and we start again. the system over-writes the oldest data. It essentially looks like a FIFO stack. The oldest data is always the current data to be over-written.

Another way of implementing this would be with two files. The first file is filled and then closed. The second file is written to until it is full and then closed. The first file is then over-written. If the two files have 1/2 hour of data, we always have at least the previous 1/2 hour of data. If the "ring buffer" acquisition is stopped at 29 minutes into one of the files, we have the previous 59 minutes of data. I think this is referred to as a "ping pong buffer".

BUT - for this to be useful, it must be possible for the user to ABORT the test and be able to then look at all the data on the hard drive (the continuous data), to see what happened. Yes, generally if we have a failure, the data is taken for a few minutes after the event to insure that we have all the event captured.


A customer ask me, is there a possibility to use a ringbuffer?
The measurement should measure 365 days - No chance to control the system by a person or Internet- The customer is only interested of data the last 14 days!

A simple request: is it possible tu insert 2 button, in the top of the analysis window, near the play button, to open directly, the previous or the next file in the data directory? It will be very useful when the people have a lot of file in the folder.

Files exported to Matlab format is unnecessary big. Dewesoft is using format w. Format w is used in Matlab 4 and older. Scania would like to have the possibility to use the more compact format wz in order to save space. A file saved with wz is about 1/20 of size compared to w. It would be good to have a switch where you can select format. Matlab 7.1 is using wz as default and it would be good if it's also is default in Dewesoft.

Global Header mandatory fields => you have to enter something in certain definable fields before you can press OK!

We would like to see the data export expanded.  We have had several cases where  “Create a multifile” was not selected.  As a result, we have had data files that are over 40GB, and cannot be analyzed.  Would be nice if we could take a existing file and break it down, ie save as 1GB file sizes, or save as X Second pieces.

It is possible to make the indicator lamp show whether or not the unit is storing, but it is not possible to set the indicator lamp to show that the measurement is armed. So at the moment the only way to see that the system is armed is the orange highlight around the arm button. It would be really useful to have the arm/armed status available as a selection for the indicator lamp functions, so that users could have a much clearer 'Armed' indication on screen.

Wish to have “Reset all” button and groups also in counter side.

We have a lot of linear encoders and it would be good to have reset all counters button in counter tab. Similar grouping like in analog side.


We have a very detailed data header for our complex systems, some having up to 52 different fields which need to be checked and filled out. Since there is a human which has to perform this process, it is very prone to errors. This usually occurs when a test is stopped, and restarted by someone else.. the information is always slightly different and it makes analysis and archiving more difficult later on. Our durability tests run around two months, and this is often the case.


It would be nice if there was the ability to load the header inputs (what the user types in/selects; not the structure itself) from a previous measurement file. For example, when we restart a test, we can load all the header entries from the first data file which was created.

Collapsing/expanding of tree structure in channel selection should be kept ... When you change visual control, tree view of channels must be kept expanded in the same view as it was before.

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