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Dewesoft software
Questions and discussions about Dewesoft software (Dewesoft 6, Dewesoft 7, Dewesoft X), Dewesoft add-ons/plugins.
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[Digital input / counter]: Support of Single Edge Nible Transmission (SENT) protocol
By Lars Reicke
20.04.2018 14:38
Help for developers
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Perform a zero of AI channel and encoder during measure
By Malek ABDI
19.04.2018 21:44
Other software related discussions
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​How to replace the field type and value in dbgrid?
By Adam Levine
02.04.2018 05:51
Hardware discussions
Dewesoft Instruments
Questions and discussions about Dewesoft Instrument: SIRIUS, DS-RACK, DS-43, DS-MINITAUR, DS-NET, DS-CAN2 and others
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Dewe43 sync connector impedance
By Tristan Jones
14.04.2018 01:15
Dewesoft Accessories
Questions and discussions about Dewesoft HW accessories: DS-CAM, VGPS, DS-SYNC, DS-CLOCK, DS-BATTERY and others
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DSI and MSI adapters
By DEWESoft Support
11.04.2018 08:06
Other hardware related discussions
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One power supply powers AC switching MOSFET circuit
By yueqing ling
19.01.2018 09:46
PRO training
PRO training feedback
Questions, feedback and improvement suggestions about DEWESoft PRO training
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Bug in Sensor-Editor quiz
By Jernej Sirk
08.03.2017 13:58
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