The Ultimate Data Measurement Experience Instruments overview

For more than 15 years, we have been developing simple to use measurement software for a wide range of data acquisition hardware. We created DEWESoft® Instruments to provide data measurement professionals with the ultimate experience, one that follows our vision of easy-to-use instruments that simplify testing so that you can devote more of your time to finding the meaningful conclusions that have the most business impact. For more information about what makes our products unique, please view the Why Dewesoft section below.

The greatest strength of our products lies in close cooperation with our customers who are providing feedback and suggestions on how to make products better.

All DEWESoft® instruments come bundled with award-winning DEWESoft X2 software (software (Professional + CAN[What is CAN?] option). Other software options and add-ons may be purchased additionally added to supplement your user experience.

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KRYPTON DAQ instrument

MINITAURs DAQ instrument

DEWE-43 USB DAQ system

DS-NET DAQ system

USB CAN interfaces

CAN interfaces
Connection interface USB/EtherCAT®/Standalone EtherCAT® Standalone USB Ethernet USB
Channels 4 up to 1000 Analog Inputs
Different amplifiers available
1 CAN 2.0 port (per slice)
8 Analog Outputs option
4-16 Analog Inputs per Module
8 Analog Inputs
8 Super-Counters
2 CAN 2.0 ports
8 Analog Inputs
8 Super-Counters
2 CAN 2.0 ports
From 2 up to 1000
Different modules
2-9 CAN 2.0 ports
A/D type 24 bit DUALCOREADC® or
16 bit HS ADC (with 1MS/s)
24-bit Sigma-Delta 24 bit DUALCOREADC® 24-bit Sigma-Delta / /
Sampling Rate 200 kS/s - 1 MS/s 100Hz - >10kHz per channel 200 kS/s 200 kS/s Up to 10 kS/s 1 MBit/s
Isolation Isolated and
Isolated Isolated Isolated Isolated Isolated
Fan Fan and Fan-less versions Fan-less Fan Fan-less Fan-less Fan-less
IP rating IP30 (standard)
IP67 IP50 IP50 IP50 IP50
PC and storage SBOX rugged PC option
Built-in SBOX rugged PC in some form-factors
Applications Automotive
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For questions, pricing and offer inquiries, please contact us or your local authorised distributor.

Why DEWESoft?

We listen to you

Our products are result of working and collaborating with our customers in nearly every application area imaginable. We know how you work and we listen to your wishes. We've been on race tracks, space shuttle launches, airplains and trains. We know and understand your requirements!

Great support

We offer great support. Online and offline! Our engineers take an individual approach to solve your problems. We know that providing the best service and support is one of the most important things for you, and it is to us too! With worldwide support network you will require support when and where you need it!


We can do what others can not! By developing both software and hardware we can push the limits of what's possible. Software and Hardware work seamlessly together. No complex configuration and connection setup hassles. Connect, measure and analyse in seconds!

Quality control

Our hardware and software is made in Europe. We design, develop, manufacture and calibrate our hardware and software in-house in our state of the art development, test and manufacturing facilities. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

Award-winning SW

DEWESoft X truly is industry standard in data acquisition and analysis. It is world's most advanced and easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software. It saves your time and money. It has complex yet easy-to-use analysis features and helps you get your job done easier and faster.

One SW for everything

DEWESoft X is the only SW you need to learn and use in order to complete your entire measurement. From channel setup, data acquisition to data processing and analysis, DEWESoft X packs everything into one simple-to-use package for all applications. And it's easy to use too.

Total synchronisation

When you acquire data with our hardware/software we make sure it's totally synchronized, no matter how fast and from what source it comes from. If the data from different channels is not synchronised, your analysis may be inaccurate or even completely wrong. We offer you a wide range of possible ways to synchronise your data.

Unique vision

We will continue to work on single software package which can cover all application's areas. This provides a turn-key, easy-to-use solution even for most demanding tasks. We have seen great benefits of covering multiple applications with a single instrument and that will stay our guideline for the future.

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