Automotive applications

Dewesoft is taking a major role in all kinds of data recording applications in automotive industry, especially in development laboratories and test facilities, where the ability to acquire data from all different sources creates major advantage. We are not only talking about standard interfaces like analog, digital, counters, CAN, GPS and video channels, but we have made our effort to support special devices like gyro platform from Genesys or torque wheels from Kistler, everything of course perfectly synchronized with other sources. Some common applications are:

Ride handling

Cars and trucks are designed on computers, and built by robots under computer control. But there is no substitute for testing the car with a human being, under a wide variety of road conditions and environments. That's where ride handling tests start. Most vehicle manufacturers have their own test track or proving grounds, where they can put their creations to the test. What normal people would consider subjective criteria like how a car feels under certain conditions must be precisely quantified and then tested over and over again, on every vehicle. Usually the outer ring of the track is for high-speed highway tests, while the center contains duplicates of city roads built with a wide array of surfaces, suburban sections, dirt roads, tight loops, and crazy-looking suspension tests.

Brake testing

Dewesoft software introduced the automated brake testing sequence, which allows you to acquire and process data for simple and more advanced brake tests in no time. This is ideal for simple brake test users like car magazines or racing teams for comparison measurements or similar tests. It is also ideal solution for homologation authorities and vehicle parts manufacturers (brake system, tyres, ABS systems, ...). On the other hand vehicle manufacturers can use the system in many different ways: R&D, quality control, homologation according to standards and so on.

Road load data

Collecting road load data is a standard application for Dewesoft. Requirements to acquire data from hundreds of channels of strain gages, force and displacement transducers is something we do on a daily basis. The time of acquisition is limited only by the amount of disk space, so we have our customers driving hundreds of kilometers for hours and hours in the worst condition that anyone can imagine. After data collection, first results can be observed immediately, but the data are usually exported in standard format like RPCIII for replay on test stands.

Performance testing

To optimize vehicle performance is crucial to gain advantage over competitors. Just think of a formula one car. Initial design is of course a base, but then the fine tuning of this design brings the performance to win the championship. For passenger vehicles, top performance might not be the most important criteria, but we all like to look to the 0-100 km/h number or the slalom test results of the vehicle. On another side, to optimize the fuel consumption becomes the most important issue of these days. Dewesoft plays important role in optimizing the vehicle performance all over the world.

Component testing

Each component to be used in automotive industry must pass strict testing to ensure that it will not be the cause of service when installed in the vehicle. Testing of vehicle components like engines, transmission, brakes, electrical systems, mechanical components is every day's task of DEWESoft software. Wide variety of data sources and a chance for automating the test procedures makes DEWESoft perfect for all kinds of testing.

Structural testing

When designing the vehicle, all mechanical parts are done with the use of computer and qualified with finite element method to determine natural frequencies of the structures. However, the need to check those method is needed more than ever to produce a closed loop to correct the models that they fit the measurement results. DEWESoft provides DeweFRF add-on software to add the ability to import the geometry models, measure transfer functions with the use of either hammer or shaker excitation and see fascinating animation of the structures on the fly. Data can be easily exported to UFF format for further processing.

Order tracking

When determining how the structures behave under real operating conditions, order tracking provides the means of seeing the structural response to real life excitation. The rotating parts of the vehicle like engine, shafts or the wheels create excitation forces on the structure. Did you ever had a car starting to rattle and shake at certain vehicle speed? This car was for sure not tested with DEWESoft and those high vibrations were result resonance frequencies of some elements at certain input frequencies.

By measuring rotating speed and the response (in terms of vibration, noise and others) the Nyquist, Bode and three dimensional FFTs are generated on the fly giving clear picture of the frequencies having a problem.

Torsional vibration

If the acceleration sensors provides information about linear movement, torsional vibration procedure provides the information about angular vibration. Imagine a long shaft going through the vehicle. Like each structure has linear natural frequencies, this shaft will have angular natural frequencies resulting at high angular vibration at certain rotation speed. To check the bending of the shaft, we mount any kind of angular sensor on each end of the shaft and measure the angle difference. The data can be used in order tracking to give a clear indication of natural frequencies.

Combustion analysis

Dewesoft adds the power of acquiring angle based data and calculate parameters of combustion analysis (maximum pressure, MEP, heat release, temperature, knocking, combustion noise and others). The p-v and CA-scope display shows the measurement results while measuring. DEWESoft uses multi-threading technology to use the new multi-core processors for real time calculations.

Another major advantage of CA module is that it can be used with other data sources like CAN bus, video, OBDII and time domain analog signals, all synchronized with engine data.


Frequency analysis is a big issue in acoustics. Octave and fractional octave bands are used for this in most cases. DS MOD DSA provides an extensive choice of tools for frequency analysis, where all weighting functions for time and frequency weighting are implemented. For complex acoustic analysis, advanced measurement tools are available in addition to the standard analysis tools.

Main features:

  • Real time narrow band FFT
  • 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 band octave spectrum
  • A, B, C and D-weighting (frequency weighting)
  • Fast, slow, impulse-weighting (time weighting)
  • Leq-calculation
  • Sound level meter

Post-processing features

  • FFT, octave analysis and weighting
  • Sound level meter
  • Sound power measurement

Hybrid testing

Hybrid and electrical cars are more and more common in today's world of energy shortage. With a long tradition in both worlds - automotive and power/energy market Dewesoft is an excellent base for combined testing of electrical and vehicle parameters. Dewesoft has a very powerful and high accuracy power module giving the chance to calculate virtually all power, energy and power quality parameters.

Lots of customer in automotive industry uses distributed data acquisition simple to have more flexible data acquisition systems. 16 or 32 channels acquisition devices can be used separately, but when there is a need for higher number of channels, those boxes can be combined to act like a single acquisition device.

Active safety tests

The active safety test is currently state of the art solution combining different DEWESoft technologies. The idea is to measure distance and position between two vehicles during driving with two centimeter accuracy and update rate of several hundred Hz.

The clock from GPS provides exact timing between two vehicles and Genesys ADMA platform gives position and speed information. The wireless LAN sends the data to the master vehicle, where we can see the difference between vehicles during driving. The system is used to check the new active safety radar systems, but just imagine the advantages if such system would be in each vehicle driving on the street.


The support of high-speed camera from Photron is a good base to use DEWESoft in welding applications. The Photron camera has the ability to acquire several seconds of video data with up to 100000 frames per second. Additionally the high precision measurement of analog data (voltage, current) is perfectly synchronized with video data. Only the combination of both is enough to determine the quality of welding.

Crash testing

All vehicles must be checked for crashes. Dewesoft with the support of high-speed data acquisition cards as well as high-speed cameras is perfect software to perform such tests.

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