Power & Energy applications

The range of industrial applications is so wide that they can be hardly covered in only few sentences. With the use of all possible inputs, extensive math, trigger functions and DCOM capabilities, the customers are using DEWESoft in lots of different ways. Here are only few basic application.

Electrical equipment testing

Dewesoft has all the needed tools to capture and stream raw data as well as calculate power parameters during acquisition. Dewesoft software can calculate several power modules with different voltage levels or even different line frequency and can calculate efficiency of equipment.

A typical example are frequency converters, where we can measure the power taken at the input and compare it to the power measured at the output. If we have for example electro motors, it is very easy to measure also output torque and RPM calculating mechanical power at the output.

Windmill testing

Wind mills are quite complex devices requiring data acquisition of not only power parameters, but also mechanical (torque, RPM) and vibration. Dewesoft has the perfect hardware and software for this application, since it can acquire and calculate all parameters in a single device. Whether you are up for power fault recording, power quality monitoring, mechanical measurements like RPM or vibration or networked data acquisition, we offer perfect tools for the job.

Inspection and predictive maintenance

Inspection is a very important area of measurement in industry. Industries like nuclear power plants require strict inspections of critical parts of the plant. The industry is also more and more aware that predictive maintenance cuts the cost of production failures and reduces the downtime needed for maintenance, because the can service only the parts which needs to be serviced. Therefore the investment in measurement equipment makes sense.

Harmonic monitoring

A very nice application of power module in Dewesoft software is ability to measure harmonics on the grids. Dewesoft offers a technology for software calculation of frequency and polyphase re-sampling of data to that line frequency, which results in perfect calculation of harmonic components. This technology is used for example in monitoring high voltage AC/DC power lines to transport energy on long distances.

Order tracking

When determining how the structures behave under real operating conditions, order tracking provides the means of seeing the structural response to real life excitation. The rotating parts of the vehicle like engine, shafts or the wheels creates excitation forces on the structure. Did you ever had a car starting to rattle and shake at certain vehicle speed? This car was for sure not tested with DEWESoft and those high vibrations were result resonance frequencies of some elements at certain input frequencies.

By measuring rotating speed and the response (in terms of vibration, noise and others) the Nyquist, Bode and three dimensional FFTs are generated on the fly giving clear picture of the frequencies having a problem.

Power quality

Another basic function of Dewesoft software is the calculation of power quality parameters. Flicker, harmonic components, period values and other parameters are calculated along with other power parameters.

Power grid analysis

A full blown analysis of power grids is a basic function of Dewesoft software. With the advanced triggering functions the system is able to capture transients, but also calculate all the parameters of power, harmonics, unbalance, harmonic distortions, symmetrical components and others.

A very nice option which cuts the system cost is to have more than one power module per acquisition device. We are running systems with twelve three phase power modules in a single box. Several systems can be networked together to act like a single device. Please look at distributed data acquisition section for more details.

Power network monitoring

Power applications use Dewesoft NET distributed data acquisition capabilities to the great extend to synchronize storing of data from different locations. Any number of standalone devices can send the data over the network to the central database providing power and transient data for further analysis. A special PMT software tool can analyze the database data and create reports according to EN 50160 standard as well as other customized reports.

Dewesoft software offers very nice fault recorder features. A single data acquisition card can acquire data with a sample rate of 1 Ms/second. Beside that Dewesoft software calculates power module channels, which can be used for triggering of data. The fault records are stored with full speed with pre and post time. For the time in between the data is stored at reduced speed, so it is very efficient.

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