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How to use DEWESoft

Learn how to connect hardware, setup triggers, synchronise data, use database storing, export data...

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Learn how to measure signals

Learn basics of measuring voltage and current, temperature, vibration, strain, counter, frequency...

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Mathematics and analysis

Learn how to process and analyse data, replay files, report and use advance mathematics.

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PID Control

This is a course about PID Control. In this course you will learn how to use the PID control math module to design a controller. Non-real-time control only!

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Display settings

DEWESoft allows you to set up different instruments for each input (digital meter, recorder, FFT analyser, ...) and arrange them freely in front of any graphic in your system to have a simple and efficient overview of your signals and measurement.

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Reviewing data files and post processing

Once data has been acquired, there are a number of things that you can do with it: review data, display data in selected instrument display with signal overview, replay data, ... Post processing is a great feature which allows to add new math channels in analyze mode or modify existing math channels.

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GNSS (Global navigation satellite system) is a term used for constellation of satellites providing signals from space. GNSS receivers determine location by using the timing and positioning data encoded in the signals coming from space.

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