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Solutions for Automotive applications

Automotive Overview

DEWESoft features unique capabilities of being a perfect companion for all kinds of automotive testing applications. Wide array of supported interfaces (Analog, Digital, Counters, CAN, OBDII, J1393, XCP, FlexRay, Kistler Wheels, Video, GPS, IMUs, ...) with perfect synchronisation between them allow DEWESoft to be a complete all-in-one solution for all automotive testing applications. All the tests and analysis are performed within one software package. Our fully integrated, plug-and-play and fail-safe hardware make sure you get your measurements right the first time.

Sensor connection options

Sensor connection options

DEWESoft benefits

Dual Core - High Dynamic

Dual Core - High Dynamic

This new technology solves the often faced problem that the signal is higher than expected and therefore clipped. DEWESoft® DUAL CORE ADC technology always gives you the full possible measuring range, because the signal is measured with a high and a low gain at the same time!

SIRIUS custom front

Customisable front end

Select your amplifier configuration! Example:
  • 3 x High-Voltage input 1200 V
  • 1 x IEPE/Voltage + Encoder/Tacho
  • 2 x IEPE/Voltage
  • 2 x MULTI (Strain gage/Voltage, sensor excitation, Tacho, analogue out)
SIRIUS LED ring - sensor check

IEPE sensor check

The LED ring around the connector will light green/red depending if sensor impedance is ok. This allows for sensor fault detection so you are sure your data is being acquired correctly. No need to repeat your expensive setup because one of your sensors failed and you didn't know.
Fully isolated hardware

Fully isolated

The "worry-free" solution provides isolation on the sensor side (channel-to-ground, as well as channel-to-channel) and even isolated sensor excitation! Less noise, no ground loops and the best signal quality.
DEWESoft Super Counters

Super counters

To achieve highest accuracy, DEWESoft uses a special technique to determine the count and exact time of the input edge on a 102MHz time base.This allows the usage even for most demanding applications such as torsional vibration analysis.
Made in Europe

Everything from a single source

All instruments are completely manufactured in-house, starting from the CNC-milled rugged aluminium housings over dedicated front-end electronics hardware, up to the intuitive and powerful software combining all the features to the solution for your application.
Distributed systems

Distributed systems

Highly distributed systems with up to 100 m between separate units. Both KRYPTON modules and SIRIUS R8D lines can be configured with EtherCAT interface which allows for easy instrument distribution where all data, sync and power run trough single cable.
High ruggedness

High ruggedness

High shock & vibration rating of more then 100 g.
IP76, high temperature rating

IP 67 & High Temperature

We offer totally sealed product line, which can be submerged in water (IP 67 rating) with high temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C.
GNSS satellites

GNSS satellites

Tracking of GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L1, BeiDou, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN, QZSS and optionally RTK positioning.


Possibility to synchronise between all DEWESoft products (SIRIUS R8D, DEWE-43, KRYPTON modules, ...).
High Accuracy Position

High Accuracy Position

Positional accuracy down to 1 cm with usage of Real - time Kinematic GNSS technology.


On-road testing Go to applications page

Due to its high flexibility in hardware and software, DEWESoft can support a wide range of on-road testing manoeuvres. From basic brake test, pass by noise, to highly sophisticated handling analysis and development of advanced driver assistance systems,which are simply a must in nowadays cars. Such a flexible system brings us in another dimension of testing, where one system with incredible software is capable of performing multiple different tests.

Dewesoft X software supports many standard ISO or regulation manoeuvres that include online checks for validation, visualised online results, post-processing and reporting tools. Such a complete package makes DEWESoft on-road testing system a complete all-in-one solution.

In addition many external interfaces can be monitored by DEWESoft® at the same time: CAN, Flexray, Video, OBDII, Ethernet complemented by additional support for special sensors like eye-tracking glasses, brain head measurements, third party IMU, ADMA, OxTS, Racelogic,...

Durability testing Go to applications page

Data acquisition systems provided by DEWESoft® are heavily used in performance, durability and reliability testing. This covers a broad range of testing applications: product, part and material testing; complete system testing for meeting its design goals; engineering, functional and environmental specification testing; lifetime span and tensile testing; load testing and many more.

Dewesoft X software includes highly sophisticated algorithms for online FFT analysis, order tracking, torsional and rotational vibrations, structural analysis, which makes analysis of the data much much easier.

Powertrain and E-mobility Testing Go to applications page

Powertrain development is the most important requirement in successfully competing in today’s transportation market of cars, trucks, motorcycles and vessels. In the past powertrain development has been about increasing the power-to-weight ratio of the combustion engine, but today companies focus more on balancing the need for power and torque of the vehicle with legislative emission requirements. CO2 emissions and high fuel prices are also the reasons companies are competing to build new hybrid or electric vehicles.

Dewesoft X software includes ready to use modules - FFT analyser, order tracking, torsional and rotational vibrations, structural analysis, which make data analysis much faster and easier. It also provides possibility to measure all the parameters needed to analyse power, combustion, mechanical and other aspects of vehicle, which is key while developing and testing new hybrid and electrical technologies.

Extreme Environment Testing Go to applications page

KRYPTON and SIRIUS waterproof were specially developed for use in extreme and harsh environments. This instruments can withstand wide temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C and are totally rubber sealed to comply with IP 67 environmental protection. This means they are resistant to humidity, water, dust and highly shock and vibration proof. Even better these units can be distributed over large area. Device can be placed next to the sensors and is daisy chained with a single cable to the next device.


The Dewesoft X software can acquire signals simultaneously from different sources (even with different sampling rates). It includes rich post-processing features with all the powerful mathematics and analysis functions for various application needs.

The DEWESoft concept - Multifunctional instrument for every application

The DEWESoft amplifiers on the analogue front-end build the solid base to convert any physical input (strain, acceleration, force, temperature, current, ...) into accurate digital signals for the software.

All other signals such as digital, counter, CAN bus, video data, serial interface... are acquired fully synchronised. DEWESoft always stores the raw signals!

The channels arrive on the digital »backbone«, where they can be used for further mathematical calculations (filtering, statistics) and in modules such as Torsional Vibration, Order tracking, Sound Level... The math results can be used as input for other modules and vice versa! Calculations in realtime, as well as on stored data.

The results can then be linked to powerful, configurable instruments (like Digital meter, Analogue meter, Recorder, Scope, FFT, XY graph, Orbit plot, 3D graph...) with lots of properties.

Very often the math modules provide specialised instruments, which results in a turn-key solution for a range of applications.

Main DEWESoft X advantages

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Quick reload of data files. Our patented file storage allows data files to be opened in a blink, even though if data stored is several giga bytes large.
  • Easy export to a lot of formats: Matlab, FlexPro, Diadem, Excel, CSV, and much more.
  • No additional SW license needed to view and analyse data. This way you can distribute your data to unlimited view clients without need to purchase additional SW licenses.
  • Free updates forever (no annual license costs)
  • Powerful Signal Processing (Math) -> correlation, cepstrum, array math, filters, and much more provides less need for additional post-processing software.
  • Filtering (FIR, IIR, FFT filter, integration, derivation, ...).
  • Math calculations are also possible on stored data offline-math.
  • TEDS support (intelligent sensors, read and write to TEDS cheap).
  • Custom user input (data header).

To learn more about DEWESoft X software please visit Dewesoft X product page.

Automotive Related Features

Dewesoft X by default includes many features for use in automotive applications. Additional options and plugins can be purchased to add even more automotive related functionality to the base software.


  • Easy recording and analysis of CAN traffic
  • CAN standard/extended messages
  • DBC import/export functionality
  • J1939 support
  • Possibility of online/offline decoding (storing just CAN bus traffic)

XCP/CCP interface

  • Access ECU memory using A2L definition file
  • Support of Ethernet (XCP – TCP/IP or UDP/IP) and CAN interface (XCP/CCP) with no extra hardware needed
  • Plug and play configuration

POLYGON plugin

  • Easy definition of test polygons for all kinds of vehicle dynamic and other moving vehicle involved tests
  • Supports multiple vehicles and other moving or fixed objects
  • Easy test polygon definition
  • 3D visualisation with easily adaptable viewing angle
  • Free definable outputs like distances, angles, gate crosses

CAN option

  • Easy recording and analysis of CAN traffic
  • CAN standard/extended messages
  • DBC import/export functionality
  • J1939 support
  • Possibility of online/offline decoding (storing just CAN bus traffic)
  • Option of file replay (.csv transmit) through CAN output


  • Easy recording and analysis of Ethernet traffic
  • Multiple Ethernet receivers in single instance of DEWESoft
  • Different filter chains for additional messages
  • Bitrate up to 100 Mb/s
  • ARP and IPv4 support

More features

  • OBDII support
  • Serial COM plugin for serial communication
  • Weather station driver
  • ADMA plugin
  • Microstrain MIP plugin
  • J1587 driver
  • FlexRay recorder
  • RoaDyn 2000 Kistler torque wheel driver
  • and many more...


We offer complete line of powerful, rugged and very flexible DAQ instruments for any automotive-based application. Either modular and distributed design with external computer or all-in-one design with built-in display and industrial-proof rugged computer. For testing in extreme environments we also offer fully sealed, water, dust and shock proof line of IP67 rated instruments.

See all DEWESoft DAQ instruments

Main Hardware Features

High sampling rate

Up to 1 MS/s.

Analog Inputs

Up to 64 analogue inputs.

Additional Inputs

Analog, digital, counter, GPS, CAN, OBDII, J1393, video, Kistler Wheels, XCP, PCM, Chapter 10, etc. fully synchronised.

Mobile Measurement System

Hot-swappable battery packs. Sensor supply out of the instrument.

High Bandwidth

Up to 2 Mhz. Selectable High, Low and Bandpass Filters.

High Accuracy

Additional software calibration for current transducers.

Voltage Inputs

Raw data storing in full sampling rate

Fully Isolated

The worry free solution provides isolation on the sensor side (channel to GND, as well as, channel-to-channel) and even isolated sensor excitation! Less noise, no ground loops, best signal quality.

Customisable Front End

Select your amplifier configuration! Example: Dewesoft R3: 8 x High-Voltage Input 1600V, 16 x Low-Voltage Input 50V with Screw Connector.

See all DEWESoft DAQ instruments

Navigational instruments

Next generation of high performance, rugged navigational instruments. Check DEWESoft navigational instruments product page for more information about our navigational instruments.


Synchronisation box

Multi-purpose GNSS sensor

Basic vehicle dynamics sensor

Advanced vehicle dynamics sensor

GYRO sensor

Standalone (horizontal positioning) 2.5 m 1.2 m 2.0 m 1.2 m -
Standalone (vertical positioning) 3 m 1.8 m 3 m 2.0 m -
SBAS (horizontal positioning) 1 m 0.8 m (WAAS, EGNOS 0.3 m) 0.6 m 0.5 m -
SBAS (vertical positioning) 3 m 1.2 m (WAAS, EGNOS 0.5 m) 1 m 1 m -
Omnistar (horizontal positioning) * - - - 0.1 m -
Omnistar (vertical positioning) * - - - 0.2 m -
RTK (horizontal positioning) * - 0.02 m - 0.01 m (0,3 m as standard option) -
RTK (vertical positioning) * - 0.02 m - 0.02 m (0,3 m as standard option) -
Velocity accuracy 0.05 m/s 0.02 m/s 0.05 m/s 0.01 m/s -
Roll & Pitch accuracy (dynamic) - - 0.2 ° 0.15 ° 0.6 °
Heading accuracy (dynamic with GNSS) - - 0.2 ° 0.1 ° 1.0 °
Slip angle accuracy - - 0.5 ° 0.1 ° -
Range Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hot start time < 3 s < 10 s 1 s 3 s 0,5 s
Output data rate 10 Hz 20/100 Hz Up to 100 Hz Up to 500 Hz up to 500 Hz
Supported navigation systems GPS L1, GLONASS L1 GPS L1, L2* GLONASS L1, L2* GPS L1, GLONASS L1, GALILEO E1, COMPASS L1 GPS L1, L2*, L5* GLONASS L1, L2*, BeiDou B1, B2 -
PPS output *
IRIG B DC output
RTK positioning
Interface USB RS232 / USB, CAN, Analog, Digital USB & RS232 USB & RS232 USB
Operating voltage 5 V
*USB powered
9 to 36 V 5 to 36 V
*USB powered
9 to 36 V 4 to 36 V
*USB powered
Power consumption 400 mA @ 5 V 250 mA @ 12 V 100 mA @ 5 V 220 mA @ 12 V/td> 65 mA @ 5 V
Operating temperatures -5 °C to 75 °C 0 °C to 60 °C -40 °C to 85 °C -40 °C to 85 °C -40 °C to 85 °C
Environmental protection not IP rated not IP rated IP 67 IP 67 IP 68
Input protection Polarity & short overvoltage protection Polarity & short overvoltage protection ±40 V -40 to 100 V ±40 V
Shock limit MIL-STD 810 F MIL-STD 810 F 2000 g - MIL-STD 810G 2000 g - MIL-STD 810G 2000 g - MIL-STD 810G
Dimensions 115 x 93 x 35 mm 115 x 93 x 35 mm 30 x 40,6 x 24 mm 90 x 127 x 31 mm 30 x 40,6 x 24 mm
Weight 330 g 740 g 37 g 285 g 25 g
Pressure sensor
Synchronisation and timing with DEWESoft DAQ
Simple positioning
Brake/Acceleration test
Vehicle dynamics Simple
Lane change Simple
Circle drive
Chassis development
Advanced driver assistance systems testing (Blind-spot detection, Forward collision warning, ..) Simple
Comfort testing Simple
Pass by Noise Simple
FuSi Simple
Orientation of different object

Intertial sensors tech specs

Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Pressure
Range (dynamic) 2g, 4g, 16g 250 °/s, 500 °/s, 2000 °/s 2g, 4g, 8g 10 to 120 kPa
Noise density 150 μg/√Hz 0.009 °/s/√Hz 210 μg/√Hz 0.56 Pa/√Hz
Non-linearity < 0.05 % < 0.05 % < 0.05 % -
Bias stability 60 μg 3 °/hr - 100 Pa/yr
Scale factor stability < 0.05 % < 0.05 % < 0.05 % -
Cross-axis alignment error < 0.05 ° < 0.05 ° < 0.05 ° -
Bandwidth 400 Hz 400 Hz 110 Hz 50 Hz

Online Training

DEWESoft PRO training is a NEW learning platform, made for measurement professionals and those who would like to become one. It is easy to use, available at any time and completely FREE. Your effort in each course is also rewarded. Curious? Visit DEWESoft PRO training and take a look.

Special automotive related courses

Automotive Buses - CAN

This course will guide you through the basics of Controller Area Network (CAN), CAN channel setup, reading and storing data from a CAN network, sending data on to the network with DEWESoft X2.

View course Take quiz


GNSS (Global navigation satellite system) is a term used for constellation of satellites providing signals from space. GNSS receivers determine location by using the timing and positioning data encoded in the signals coming from space.

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Polygon is a platform for tests involving moving objects. It was made especially for vehicle dynamic testing and advanced driver assistance systems - ADAS, which increases safety in the traffic. Polygon provides a visual representation of measurements in the three-dimensional virtual space and easy tools for geometric measurements between multiple static or movable objects. Due to it's flexibility it's not only used in Automotive, but also Marine, Heavy machinery, ...

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