Civil engineering applications

Data recording in civil engineering often requires that the system is left in place for several days or weeks, collecting data and sending it to the base station. The systems monitors structures, noise, vibration, movement, temperatures and other parameters. There are many systems on the market which can do it, the main strength of DEWESoft is the ability to record high speed and low speed data at the same time, video signal and data from other sources.

The dynamic signal analysis is widely used in an area of civil engineering. Remember Tacoma bridge? The structures are being checked for natural frequencies, against wind and water waves excitation. The structures and parts of structures are submitted to static and dynamic stress tests.

Bridge monitoring

Monitoring of bridges are becoming more and more important issue since the bridge constructions are getting longer and more complicated. Lots of bridges are monitoring lately with permanent systems.

Dewesoft has ability to store lots of channels and acquire data simultaneously from different systems along the bridge makes it perfectly suitable for these kind of applications. Usually the data is acquired from strain, displacement and GPS sensors.

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