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Award winning USB DAQ system. Small, powerful and smart!

DEWE-43 USB DAQ system


Small and versatile

Weighting just over 0.5 Kg and sizing ~22.3 x 7.82 x 4.50 cm (~8.78 x 3.08 x 1.77 in), you can hold the DEWE-43 in one hand, and yet inside this small, rugged box beats the heart of a giant.

DEWE-43 sizing

It's got eight dynamic analog inputs, each one backed up with a 24-bit AD converter for simultaneous sampling at the highest resolution. The inputs are "universal" type, which can handle strain gages and voltages up to +/-10V natively ... Use our tiny DSI adapters and convert any of them to a different input type, including IEPE accelerometer inputs, 200V inputs, RTD's and thermocouples (see inputs section for details).

The DEWE-43 is the ideal solution for demanding dynamic data acquisition applications, when you need something with stellar specifications, and yet with a small and budget friendly footprint.

Build quality

Is it rugged? You bet! We carefully design our instruments and CNC each one out of a solid block of aluminum. This way, the instrument is not only tough, but also light for maximum portability.

Only Dewesoft builds instruments this way.

DEWE-43 housing

Award winner

DEWE-43 was voted and received a product of the year award from NASA Tech Briefs magazine.

DEWE-43 was chosen among fierce competition from National Instruments, Autodesk, Honeywell and others. DEWE-43 got more votes that all other contenders together, which makes this win even more valuable.

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8 analog inputs

DEWE-43 has eight anti-aliased dynamic analog inputs with 200 kS/s/ch maximum sampling rate and 32x oversampled sigma-delta A/D per channel.

DEWE-43 can natively accept full-bridge and ±10V sensors. Connecting the DSI adapters outlined below, the input flexibility of the DEWE-43 is greatly enhanced.

DSI adapters

Because the eight dynamic analog inputs on the DEWE-43 are "universal" type, they can handle full-bridge and voltages up to +/-10V natively. With our tiny DSI adapters you can convert any of the inputs to a different input type:

IEPE accelerometer inputs


IEPE adapter with DB9 connector Excitation current 4 mA at 21 V, High pass filter 1.5 Hz, BNC connector TEDS for automatic adapter identification.

200V inputs


200 V input adapter with DB9 connector Differential input configuration, BNC connector TEDS for automatic adapter identification.



Thermocouple type C/J/K/T adapter with DB9 connector. For use with isolated thermocouple sensors only! High accuracy cold junction reference measurement, 1m thermo cable with Mini TC connector TEDS for automatic adapter identification.

RTD inputs


Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000 and Pt2000 adapter with DB9 connector 2, 3 and 4 wire connection methods, 5-pin Binder 710 series connector TEDS for automatic adapter identification.

Read more about new DSI adapters

8 super counters

DEWE-43 has eight super counters capable of 1x event count, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle, frequency measurement per channel or 3x TTL pulse digital inputs. These counter inputs are fully synchronized with analog data.

DEWE-43 counter inputs

There are two typical counter functions: the gated measurement (typically >100 Hz) and the pulse width measurement (typically <100 Hz).

Traditional systems do not offer counter information synchronized to the ADC, because they receive counter information either after the gate time or after the pulse time.

By using a third channel to monitor rising edge of counter, it is possible to exactly synchronize counter data with ADC clock.

2 CAN bus ports

DEWE-43 has two optically isolated, high-speed CAN 2.0b bus channels. Both ports are capable with max throughput of 1 Mbit/sec/ch, have support for OBDII, J1939 standards and are capable of CAN out for replaying CAN data.

DEWE-43 CAN ports

Channels 8 (simultaneously sampled)
Measured values Voltage, full bridge (IEPE, charge, thermocouple and RTD with DSI adaptere)
Resolution 24-bit
Type of ADC Sigma-Delta with anti-aliasing filter
Sampling rate 204.8 kS/s
-3 dB bandwith 76 kHz @ 200 kS/s
Input ranges
Voltage: ±0.01V,±0.1V,±1V,±10V
Voltage via DSI-V-200: up to ±200V
Full bridge: ±1mV/V, ±10 mV/V, ±100 mV/V, ±1000 mV/V
Half or quarter bridge: With external bridge completion
IEPE via DSI-BR-ACC: ±0.1V,±1V,±10V
Thermocouple via DSI-THx: Full range of thermocouple type (isolated thermocouple only)
Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Pt2000 and resistance via DSI-BR-RTD: -200°C to 1000°C and 0 to 6.5 kOhm
Other characteristics
DC accuracy 10 V range 0.05% of value +1 mV
1 V range 0.05% of value +0.2 mV
100 mV range 0.05% of value +0.1 mV
10 mV range 0.05% of value +0.1 mV
Input impedance 10 M½||33 pF (common mode), 20 M½||47 pF (differential mode)
CMRR >80 dB
Sensor supply voltage ±5 V 0.1 % @ 100 mA, 12 V @ 400 mA per channel
Voltage mode coupling DC
Input overvoltage protection ±70 V
Dynamic characteristics
Signal to noise @ fs<1000 Hz < -100 dB
Crosstalk < -100 dB
Number of channels 8 counters or 24 digital inputs (per software each counter can be selected to be 3x digital input)
Counter modes Event counting, encoder input, period, pulsewidth, duty cycle, frequency measurement
Resolution 32-bit
Time base 102.4 MHz
Signal levels TTL/CMOS
Input voltage protection 30 V
Number of channels 2 (optically isolated)
Specification CAN 2.0b up to 1MBit/s
Physical layer High speed
Operating temperature -20 to 50°C
Storage temperature -20 to 70°C
Relative humidity 10 to 90 %
Vibration MIL-STD 810F 514.5, procedure I
Shock MIL-STD 810F 516.5, procedure I
Dimensions (L x W x H) 223 x 78 x 45 mm (7.78 x 3.08 x 1.77 inch)
Weight 0.72 kg (1.58 pounds)
Supply voltage 9 to 36 VDC
Supply over-voltage protection 80 V
Negative input voltage protection -30 V
Typical power consumption 5 W
Maximum sensor consumption 6 W
Operating system Microsoft Windows® XP
Microsoft Windows® Vista
Microsoft Windows® 7
Microsoft Windows® 8
System PC with DEWESoft™ software (included)
Interface USB 2.0
DEWESoft™ X - Professional Edition (DSA upgrade available) incl. CAN option
MINI USB cable (equipped with special lock-in screws for secure connection)
Carrying bag
Power supply with cable (comes with 4 different power plugs for world wide usage)
Device ground cable
DSUB 9 8 + 2
LEMO 7pin 8
BNC, Binder and others With optional DSI adaptere


When your application requires a higher channel count than one DEWE-43, we have many options for expansion. Below are just a few examples. Contact your local Dewesoft sales organisation to help find a solution for your custom configuration.

Daisy chain

You can synchronise multiple DEWE-43 instruments by daisy-chaining the SYNC line with the help of two syncronisation ports on each DEWE-43A unit.

DEWE-43 32 channel system

Mixed signal acquisition

Picture below shows how you can mix and connect different Dewesoft instruments together for different signal types. Here two DEWE-43s and one 32-channel DS-NET system are connected together. The entire system forms:

  • 16 fast analog channels @ 24 bit, 200 kS/s per channel
  • 16 super-counters channels
  • 4 CAN 2.0b ports
  • 32 slow analog channels @ 24 bit, 2 kS/s per channel

Of course entire acquisition is perfectly synchronized no matter what data speeds are used in this configuration.

DEWE-43 mixed system

4 x 8 channel system

With Dewesoft's distributed data acquistion capabilities you can acquire synchronized data from multiple instruments at different locations at the same time. Picture below displays example 4 x 8 channel system used to acquire data with the help of Dewesoft's NET option.

DEWE-43 single solution
DEWE-43 single solution
DEWE-43 single solution
DEWE-43 single solution

Dewesoft X

Every DEWE-43 system comes bundled with Dewesoft X Professional, world's most advanced and easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software. With Dewesoft X you can use your DEWE-43 instrument to the limits. It gives you many advantages over other systems. With functionalities like plug-and-play, HW auto-detection, smart sensors and many more you will be ready for your tests in seconds!

  • Hardware auto-detection
  • Smart and TEDS sensors
  • Automatic unit conversion
  • Synchronized analog, counter, video, GPS, buses acquisition

2. Measure & Store

Powerful storing capabilities with more then 200 MB/s sustained stream rates.

  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Advanced triggering and alarms
  • Standard and customisable displays
  • Distributed and wireless data acquisition
  • Automate test sequences with Sequencer
  • Advanced on-line mathematics

3. Analyse

Powerful and easy to use processing, post-processing, replay and reporting capabilities.

  • Advanced mathematics
  • Print out data
  • Reports
  • Export data to just about any format
  • FREE DEWESoft X viewer for viewing data

Learn more about DEWESoft X

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