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SIRIUS® waterproof

Instrument for eXtreme testing and eXtreme environment

eXtreme testing

Do you have to perform measurement in eXtreme environments? SIRIUS and SBOX waterproof are advanced DAQ instruments, rugged and IP67 rated and work flawlessly in most harsh environments and can easily withstand snow, water, mud, dust, shocks and can even be submerged under water.

SIRIUSw IP67 waterproof

SIRIUS and SBOX have been a huge success over the last 4 years. These instruments are some of the most powerful and rugged data acquisitions systems available today. But not rugged enough for all. Some testing applications require leaving systems out in the rain, snow, dust, mud and also strap it directly to the vehicle or other testing subject.

IP67 rated
-40 - 60°C Operating Temp.
100g Shock Rating

160dB dynamic range

With our Dual Core ADC technology SIRIUS systems are capable of 160dB dynamic range. We've improved the dynamic range by over 25 dB, that's 20-times less noise.

In practice this means you will experience vast improvement in measurement at a small increase in bit-rate. Measurement precision is astonishing.

Super counters

Our super counters work on a 102.4 MHz internal time base, always independent of the current sample rate. In comparison to standard counters, which only output whole numbers like 1,1,2,2,3,4, our super-counter is able to extract the accurate values like 1.37, 1.87, 2.37, ... fully time and amplitude synchronised! This is done by measuring the exact time of the rising edge of the signal with an additional counter.

DEWESoft super counters

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USB or EtherCAT®

SIRIUS® waterproof can run either on USB or EtherCAT® interface. EtherCAT® interface allows instruments to be distributed over the large area by only using one cable for sync, data and power. The distance between each unit can be up to 100m (320 feet). SIRIUS® waterproof is also compatible with all other USB and/or EtherCAT® DEWESoft hardware and can work together flawlessly in perfect sync.

NOTE: When connecting EtherCAT® devices to the computer please make sure that you connect the EtherCAT® cable directly to the Ethernet card of your PC without the use of network switches or hubs.​

For more details see the SIRIUS® video presentation

Watch SIRIUS® video

Tech specs

SIRIUS® waterproof amplifiers use the same Dual Core ADC technology as standard SIRIUS®. SIRIUS® slices are prebuilt modules configured with 8 standard amplifiers which hold analog channels and fit into any SIRIUS® waterproof chassis. Each amplifier channel is galvanically isolated channel to channel and channel to ground.

1 CHANNEL, 2x24 BIT ADC, 200 KS/S
SIRIUS Dual Core amplifier scheme

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SIRIUS isolated scheme

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SIRIUSiwe 6xSTGM, 2xSTGM+ tech specs

SBOX waterproof front panel
SBOX waterproof back panel
SIRIUSiwe 6xSTGM, 2xSTGM+ tech specs
Analog 8x analog STGM inputs
24 bit dual core sigma delta ADC
200 kHz rate / channel
2 * 24 Bit vertical resolution
75 kHz bandwidth
±10 Volt to ±10 mV input voltage
DC Input coupling
0 .. 15V V programmable sensor excitation max 44 mA
Full, Half, Qu.120/350Ω 3-wire bridge connection (internal completion)
100 kΩ bipolar Programmable Shunt
Short & lead wire compensation function
Counter 2x1 channels supercounter
2x3 digital inputs
2x1 digital outputs
Interfaces EtherCAT® In
EtherCAT® out
USB 2.0 (USB B)
Isolation voltage 1000 V channel-channel (analog_x and counter_x channel are not isolated to each other)
1000 V channel-ground
Operating temp. -40 .. 60 deg. C
Protection IP67
Shock 60g @ 6ms 50x, half sine, XYZ-axis PASS
100g @ 4ms 50x, half sine, XYZ-axis PASS
Vibration Random
11 gRMS, all axes, 18h total
24Hz - 0,03 g^2/Hz
60Hz - 0,4 g^2/Hz
100Hz - 0,4 g^2/Hz
240Hz - 0,08 g^2/Hz
2kHz - 0,08 g^2/Hz

SBOXwe tech specs

SBOX waterproof front panel
SBOX waterproof back panel
SBOXwe tech specs
Version i7/4650U-4GB
CPU Intel® Core™ i7-4650U
2x 1.7 GHz
4 threads
Disc 240 GB internal mSATA SSD
Power supply voltage 9-36 VDC
Operating temperature -30 to 50°C
Storage temperature -40 to 85°C
Interfaces 5x USB 2.0
DVI external display interface
2xEthernet GLAN
GPS antena
GPS display/RTK modem (DB9)
1xEtherCAT® out
1x sync
GPS Optional 10Hz, 20Hz, 100Hz
Power out Same output voltage level as power in
Protection IP67
Shock 60g @ 6ms 50x, half sine, all axes
100g @ 4ms 50x, half sine, all axes
Vibration Random
11 gRMS, all axes, 18h total
24Hz - 0,03 g^2/Hz
60Hz - 0,4 g^2/Hz
100Hz - 0,4 g^2/Hz
240Hz - 0,08 g^2/Hz
2kHz - 0,08 g^2/Hz
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