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Durability testing

Automotive applications for durability testing


Durability testing

Data acquisition systems provided by DEWESoft® are heavily used in performance, durability and reliability testing. This covers a broad range of testing applications: product, part and material testing; complete system testing for meeting its design goals; engineering, functional and environmental specification testing; lifetime span and tensile testing; load testing and many more.

Dewesoft X software includes highly sophisticated algorithms for online FFT analysis, order tracking, torsional and rotational vibrations, structural analysis, which makes analysis of the data much much easier.

Key features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Connect any sensor
  • Scalable from 8 to 1000 channels for multipurpose usage
  • Input protection and optical ±1000 V isolation
  • Simultaneous sampling
  • Anti aliasing filters
  • Programmable analogue outputs
  • TEDS functionality
  • Highest precision and easy to use (fully integrated in Dewesoft X software)
  • Measurement results available online including additional math channels
  • Many additional synchronised data sources like analogue, digital, CAN, GPS, IMU, FlexRay, XCP, CCP, RoadDyn 2000, video & many more
  • Automated workflow with DEWESoft sequencer
  • Possibility to capture different software modules (vehicle dynamics, combustion analysis, vibrations,...) in one synchronized data file
  • Export to many different file formats

Road Load Data

The Road load data system provided by DEWESoft® is capable of recording the data during real test drives under extreme conditions and avoid reruns, which shortens the time of testing dramatically. The system is easy to install, configure and is ready in a matter of seconds after mounting.

The same units can also be used at test rigs either for a whole vehicle or certain component. Afterwards this data can be replayed with the same system on a test bed (like MTS) to simulate all the forces and vibrations in the laboratory boundaries.

Stress and Strain analysis

Stress and strain analysis make it possible to determine the stresses and strains in materials and structures, which are subjected to forces or loads. Such tests are measured with many different sensors like for instance load cells, extensometers, strain gauges, ...

Therefore DEWESoft® has developed universal and extremely advanced hardware modules (SIRIUS, SIRIUS waterproof, KRYPTON and MINITAURs) for performing such a measurement. The combination of highly sophisticated analysis algorithms and ease of use in one software packet, makes DEWESoft® the perfect tool for such demanding performance tests.

Key features

  • Direct support of quarter, half and full bridge strain gage measurements with 120 and 350 Ω
  • Lead wire compensation in case of long wires
  • Bridge balance support
  • Programmable excitation voltage from 0..20 V or 0 ... 60 mA
  • High dynamic with >160 dB range and 75 kHz bandwidth
  • Input AC and DC coupling for higher resolution
  • Programmable shunt and shunt calibration

Advanced universal STG module

Stress and Strain Analysis

To se technical specification of available STG amplifiers on DEWESoft® instruments please visit specifications on SIRIUS, SIRIUS waterproof, KRYPTON and MINITAURs product pages.

Fatigue analysis

Fatigue analysis

Fatigue testing is crucial in material science, with which the weakening limit (fatigue life) of a material or object caused by repeatedly applied loads is recognised.

The output of such tests is S-N curve or Wöhler curve, which is a graph of a cyclic stress against the logarithmic scale of cycles to failure. The new DEWESoft® Fatigue analysis mathematical module can perform such a test and help engineers to do fatigue prediction and durability testing.

Key features

  • Direct preprocessing or local extreme detection, counting methods with algorithm settings, visualisation and analysis software support
  • Standard counting algorithms as ASTM, DIN and Markov counting are implemented
  • High dynamic of hardware modules with 160 dB range and 75 kHz bandwidth
  • Temporary fatigue results available online including additional math channels

Fatigue analysis setup screen


Configuration of preprocessing with turning points (peak/ valley) detection, rainflow filter and discretisation. Algorithm settings and visualisation with several standards ASTM, DIN and Markov counting for calculations and analysis.

Fatigue analysis calculation


Rainflow filter, Discretisation, Rainflow range and cycles histogram, Rainflow range/mean and from/to matrix calculations.

Additional Dynamic Signal Analysis possibilities

DEWESoft® offers extensive package for Dynamic Signal Analysis measurements. With a single Dewesoft X software package included with every DEWESoft DAQ instrument DEWESoft® covers nearly all dynamic signal applications. To find more please visit DSA application page.

Noise and Vibration


  • Recorder
  • FFT analyser with multipurpose cursor functionalities
  • Global level
  • Octave band analysis
  • Time and multi domain analysis
  • Filters
Modal analysis


  • Modal analysis (impact test, sweep sine)
  • Operating deflection shapes (ODS)
  • Shock and drop tests (SRS)
  • Bump test
  • Short time FFT
  • Human body vibration



  • Sound level
  • Sound power
  • True octave analysis
  • Audio replay
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