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Noise & Vibration

Noise & Vibration applications


General NVH applications combine the data of miscellaneous sensors (as accelerometers, microphones, strain gauges, load cells etc.), display and correlate them. DEWESoft enables you to capture all sources synchronised, even if they have different output rates. Besides the possibility of online data evaluation in real time, the powerful post-processing feature allows to only collect the raw data at the proving ground, and do all the calculations in the office on the stored data.


Dewesoft X software recorder allows to show raw data in timed axis. This always give you the ability to post-process data later, also sub-sampling of data is possible if necessary.


Chose between IIR low pass/high pass/band pass/ band stop filters with selectable 1 to 10th order, different characteristics, custom coefficients, Zeroes & poles plot, or FIR filters (no phase delay) or frequency domain filters.

FFT Analyser

Provides all main functions for spectral analysis with advanced averaging, selectable resolution (64000 lines and more) or direct specification of the bandwidth (e.g. 0,01 Hz). Multiple channels can be displayed in one FFT instrument for easy comparison.

  • Multipurpose Cursors
  • Envelope
  • Auto- & Cross-Correlation
  • Cepstrum
  • Short Time FFT
  • and many more...

Global level

(Broad band, 10-1000Hz for ISO 2372, customer specific GL). This scalar indicator characterises the signal content given for acceleration, velocity or displacement at a specific bandwidth.

Octave Band analysis

Is given in constant percentage band filters in compliance with IEC61260.

Time Domain analysis

In vibration and acoustics the raw data contains a lot of information. With the basic statistic math you can have a first step to make a diagnosis: Min, Max, RMS, AVG, Peak-to-Peak, Crest factor and more... even Min, Max, RMS of array data, such as an FFT spectrum, can be added easily.

Statistical Calculations either time or sample based, from one value per dataset (overall), over block based (e.g. every 0.1 sec) or running to triggered blocks, that start/stop on certain conditions (even on another channel).

Multi-domain analysis

Recorder (time-domain), FFT (frequency-domain), XY recorder (channel vs channel, e.g. angle-domain) and many more dedicated instruments provide data visualisation according to your needs. Reference curves for all various domains provide a useful tool for Acceptance tests.

FFT Analyzer

DEWESoft FFT Analyzer


FFT Analyzer MAX marker

Usually every analysis starts with the peak search. Simply find the highest peaks in the spectrum with one click and list them in the cursor table. So you can quickly verify if values are similar to kinematic frequencies.


FFT Analyzer harmonic marker

In the analysis of rotational machinery this marker is used for discovering axial or angular misalignment, loose hydraulic bearing or stator field asymmetry. Simply drag the cursor over the spectrum and all harmonics will follow.


FFT Analyzer sideband marker

Useful for detecting armature field faults, such as bar breakage, fracture or looseness and gear deformation.


FFT RMS marker (global level)

Allows to monitor the RMS level for multiple different band- widths in order to know the global level for analysing faults like unbalance, misalignment, bearing ...


FFT Compare data files

Easily compare data files by importing them, the time alignment can be done by manual time shift, on trigger time, or on absolute time. Overlay the signals for e.g. consecutive vibration tests into one FFT analyser for post-processing.

Human body vibration

Dewesoft X human body vibrations module measures the effect of vibration to the human body. The extracted parameters allow the judgement of risk. DEWESoft supports whole-body and hand-arm measurement according to the standards ISO 5349, ISO 8041, ISO 2631-1 and ISO 2631-5.

DEWESoft FFT Analyzer
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