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How to use DEWESoft

Learn how to connect hardware, setup triggers, synchronise data, use database storing, export data...

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Learn how to measure signals

Learn basics of measuring voltage and current, temperature, vibration, strain, counter, frequency...

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Mathematics and analysis

Learn how to process and analyse data, replay files, report and use advance mathematics.

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Sensor editor

DEWESoft offers sensor database which holds the list and the properties of all sensors which will be used. The sensor characteristics can be entered manually or imported.

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Power quality

The different power quality parameters describe the deviation of the voltage from its ideal sinusoidal waveform at a certain frequency. These deviations can lead to disturbances, outages or damages of electrical equipment connected to the grid.

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Exporting data

The most important purpose of the DEWESoft analysis mode is also to export acquired data for offline analysis using other software. Data files can be exported to several different formats like FlexPro, MS Excel, Matlab, UNV, Famos, Text file, ... .

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Visual controls

DEWESoft allows you to set up different instruments for each input, for example digital meter, recorder, FFT analyzer,... and arrange them freely in front of any graphic in your system to have a simple, but efficient overview of your signals and measurement.

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