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Next Evolution in Data Acquisition and Processing Software

Fastest DEWESoft yet

Step by step we are continuing to utilise advantages of powerful DEWESoft hardware to achieve major software improvements. DEWESoft X2 is the fastest software we have made. And by faster we really mean FASTER. DEWESoft X2 is a major upgrade for all users of DEWESoft instruments and it is free of charge.

10x Faster Graphics
4x Faster Math
500 Hz Acquisition Loop Speed

DEWESoft parallel processing

DEWESoft X2 decoupled graphics rendering processes to be run in parallel to DAQ, Math calculations and storage processes allowing render thread to draw graphics totally independant of acquisition.

DEWESoft fater math

In addition to parallel graphics rendering we are using modern CPU technology SIMD to do calculations in parallel. Math performance is dramatically increased. A typical demanding math operations like combustion analysis is performing up to 4x faster compared to X1. This allows more math operations to be performed in real time.

Test X1 X2
Average acquisition loop 50+ Hz 1000 Hz
Sample interval 30 ms 3,2 ms
AI-DO(sync connector)-AI 50 ms 4 ms
AI-DO(ACC+ module)- AI 50 ms 7.5 ms
AI-Async AO-AI 6 ms
AI-FGen-AI 500 ms 50-70 ms

If we compare the DEWESoft X1 to X2, the reaction time of output vs input decreased a lot. This is allowing almost real time command execution and is possible only because we are developing both hardware and software in-house which enables us to push the limits of our solution.

Watch DEWESoft X2 presentation video

Software Innovation of the Year award

Improved User Interface

DEWESoft X2 user interface did not just get new looks but is also superchargerd with new functionalities which makes it easier then ever to find what you need for your application. Smart global settings, math and module browsers with search and quick descriptions now bring you all the build-in power of DEWESoft X2 to a single click.

Global Settings Play video

Global settings window is redesigned from the ground up and now works more like a device manager. All settings are sorted into logical groups for easy navigation so you spent more time measuring and less time working on software configuration.

DEWESoft Hardware Setup

Module Manager Play video

DEWESoft X2 now has intuitive module manager. Module manager is a set of supported interfaces (inputs and outputs) and math application modules that you can add into your project. Use built-in search functionality to quickly find needed ones and edit favorites which are then always available for your new projects.

DEWESoft X2 module manager

Math Manager Play video

Similar to module manager, we have created one-click manager for all built-in math functionality.

DEWESoft X2 module manager

You requested. We deliver.

Hard work and constant colaboration with our clients is what made DEWESoft software to what it is today. DEWESoft X2 is no exception. We bring you some of the most requested features in recent years to make already fully featured software even better. See bellow for the introduction of some of the many newly available features.

File Import/Merge

DEWESoft File Merge

One of the most often requested features was to merge or combine multiple data files together. DEWESoft can import sync and async time domain channels, frequency domain or any other array channels and constant values. Merge can be done by relative time, absolute time (NET files), trigger events or channel values.

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Faster XML Processing

DEWESoft X1 vs X2 file scan comparison

DEWESoft X2 can now load, save and scan setup and data files up to 10 times faster then in X1. Multi-files also improved and there is now no data lost events on multifile switch on setups with hundreds of channels (CAN, plugins, ...).

Grand View

DEWESoft Grand View

The Grand View feature allows you to review stored data during data acquisition, without interrupting data acquisition and storing process. You are able to zoom into any region of data already stored on disk during the measurement and review any type of signal including video, which makes (long term) measurements easier to manage.

CAN offline decoding

DEWESoft CAN offline decoding

Acquire raw CAN traffic and do everything else later in analyse. Load DBC in analyse mode or update it with merge option if new version is available. Scan bus for all stored messages or add new messages manually. Add new signals, change scaling...

Campbell Diagram

DEWESoft Campbell Diagram

Visualisation of 3 dimensional values on a single plane, mostly used in Order tracking. Range of values is segmented in defined number of levels and each level is represented by a circle, whose radius and colour depends on level's index; bigger values are represented with larger circles and colours higher on the colour map. For better analysis of data, cutoff of lower levels can be applied.

3D Graph Cutoff

DEWESoft 3D Graph Cutoff

3D graph is now able to cutoff noise floor, so that peaks are easier to see. Cutoff can be changed either in the left properties menu or by scrolling the mouse over Z axis.

System Monitor

DEWESoft System Monitor

System monitor is new feature in DEWESoft X2 used for monitoring system resources and performance. CPU parameters like load, refresh time, free memory, temperature and instrument status parameters like fan speed, temperatures and battery indications can be used just like any other channel in DEWESoft.

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Improved Video (H.264)

DEWESoft X2 video engine

Video engine is improved to support modern codecs like H.264. We now support cameras which are doing compressions in the cameras themselves. Acquisition of video is faster, files are smaller and DEWESoft does not require any additional external codecs. We also added rotation of the video with arbitrary angle.

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Custom Export Rate

DEWESoft Custom Export Rate

In DEWESoft X2 export rate can be defined independently of the channel sample rate. Each channel can be exported at its own export rate or by default selected channel is exported at its original rate.

New and better Applications

Based on your feedback we made various changes and improvements to some of the existing applications that are available with DEWESoft X2. Along with this there are various new plugins that are available.

New FFT Analyzer

FFT Analyzer

The new FFT Analyzer in DEWESoft X2 added much needed features like cursors function to add markers. You can add free, harmonic, sideband, max, RMS and damping markers.

You can compare differnet measurements together by using new import/merge functionality. All the features of FFT work in online or offline mode.

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Optimized Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Order tracking application math was optimized and therefor gained performance boost by 50%. But that's not all. Order tracking also got new features like:

  • Order cuts from 3D waterfall diagram
  • 2D charts in frequency domain
  • Line view on 3D waterfall diagram

Redesigned Rotor Balancer

Rotor Balancer

Rotor Balancer was redesigned in DEWESoft X2 and is now available in form of DEWESoft application instead of visual control. All settings of rotor balancer were simplified for easier configuration. There is no more needed to setup order tracking in order to use rotor balancer.

DS-IMU Plugin

DS-IMU plugin

This plugin ads support for our own DS-IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) next generation navigation instruments. If features up to 500 Hz output data rate and complies to IP67 & MIL-STD-810G environmental protection. It is synchronised with all other DEWESoft devices and input sources.

Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue Analysis toolbox represents a powerful fatigue analysis solution covering fatigue analysis stages from preprocessing and cycle counting to visualisation and data export. Preprocessing tools include turning points filter, rainflow filter and discretisation filter. Cycle counting methods support rainflow counting (compliant with ASTM E 1049-85) and Markov counting. Visualisation tools include range histograms, from-to matrices and range-mean matrices.

DEWESoft X2 versions

DEWESoft X2 comes with many features and functionalities out of the box. Some of the analysis and math features are available as an option or upgrade. For more details see the feature matrix bellow. You can request for fully-featured 30-day evaluation license online. This will allow you to evaluate Dewesoft X2 with all features for 30 days.

High speed acquisition cards
Low/medium speed acquisition devices
Vehicle buses
DEWESoft CAN/J1939 devices
Vector CAN/J1939 devices option option
J1587/J1708 devices option option option
XCP, CCP option option option option
Other input sources
GPS receivers Supported devices
Timing devices Supported devices
Gyro platform Supported devices option option option
Kistler wheels Supported devices option option option
PCM telemetry Supported devices option option option option
ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553 devices Supported devices option option option option
ScramNET Supported devices option option option option
User inputs (control channels)
DEWESoft cameras DS-CAM
DirectX compatible cameras
GigE cameras
FLIR thermovision cameras Option Option Option Option Option
Photron high speed cameras Option Option Option
Video post synchronisation
Sensor database
TEDS support
File import (merge)
File export (to all formats)
Alarm monitoring
Analog replay of data
CAN output
Function generator
Online/Offline Math
Basic Math
Formula editor, Filters (IIR, FIR), Cepstrum, Envelope detection, Exact frequency extraction, Integration, Derivation, Octave analysis, Statistics (Basic, Array), Reference curve, Latch, Combustion noise, Angle sensor math, Counting (Histogramming), Harmonic tracking filter, Two-sided Fourier transform
Balancing option option
Combustion analyser option option option option
Fatigue analysis option option option option
FFT analyser (basic)
FFT analyser (advanced)
Advanced cursors, bearing fault
FRF option
Human body vibration option option
Order tracking option
Power analysis option option
Psophometer option option option option
Sound level option
Sound power option option option option
SRS * option
Torsional vibration option
* works only in analysis mode
Visual Instruments
Available visual instruments
  • Digital meters
  • Analog meters
  • Bar meters
  • Indicator lamp
  • Horiz. recorder
  • Vertical recorder
  • XY recorder
  • 2D graph
  • 3D graph
  • Scope
  • Scope 3D
  • Orbit
  • FFT
  • FFT 3D
  • Harmonic FFT
  • Octave
  • Video
  • GPS screen
  • Vector scope
  • Backg. picture
  • Text note
  • Line
  • Tabular values
  • Overload ind.

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